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DesktopEntry Execution
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Usage: dex [Options] [DesktopEntryFile] ..

dex, DesktopEntry Execution, is a program to execute DesktopEntry files of
type Application. It's main purpose is to provide a regular autostart for
window managers not implementing the Freedesktop autostart specification.

  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  -a, --autostart  autostart programs
  -d, --dry-run    dry run, don't execute any command
  -t, --test       run the tests
  -v, --verbose    verbose output

Perform an autostart/execute all programs in the autostart folders.
 dex -a

Preview the programs would be executed in a regular autostart.
 dex -a -d

Execute a single program from command line and enable verbose output.
 dex -v skype.desktop
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