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*hier.txt*		For Vim version 7.3	   Last change: 2011 August 27
				    Copyright (c) 2011 Jan Christoph Ebersbach

Hier                                                                      *hier*

DESCRIPTION                    |hier-description|
USAGE                          |hier-usage|
CUSTOMIZATION                  |hier-customization|
INSTALLATION                   |hier-installation|
RELATED PLUGINS                |hier-related|
CHANGELOG                      |hier-changelog|

DESCRIPTION                                                   *hier-description*

Highlight quickfix errors and location list entries in buffer. This plugin
was designed to support the editqf vim script
( but it also works
very well stand alone.

This script can be downloaded from The latest development
version is available at

USAGE                                                               *hier-usage*

The following commands are provided:
	:HierStart		" enable hier highlighting
	:HierStop		" disable hier highlighting
	:HierUpdate		" update error highlighting for current buffer
	:HierClear		" remove highlighting - it will be displayed
				" again when :HierUpdate is called

CUSTOMIZATION                                               *hier-customization*

The highlight group can be customized by setting the following variables.
Setting a variable to the string "" will disable highlighting of that
group. Every type can be highlighted differently (error, warning, info):
	let g:hier_highlight_group_qf   = 'SpellBad'
	let g:hier_highlight_group_qfw  = 'SpellLocal'
	let g:hier_highlight_group_qfi  = 'SpellRare'

	let g:hier_highlight_group_loc  = 'SpellBad'
	let g:hier_highlight_group_locw = 'SpellLocal'
	let g:hier_highlight_group_loci = 'SpellRare'

Enable/disable highlighting highlighting by default:
	let g:hier_enabled              = 1

INSTALLATION                                                 *hier-installation*

1. Download hier.vba.gz
2. Open file in vim and run :so % to install plugin
3. Restart vim

RELATED PLUGINS                                                   *hier-related*

- editqf is a plugin that let's you edit and add entries in quickfix window.
  The hier plugin is a useful extension to the editqf plugin

- quickfixsigns is a plugin similar to hier. The main difference is that it
  highlights the quickfix locations in a separate column. quickfixsigns also
  support the highlighting of marks which is not in the focus of hier.

CHANGLOG                                                        *hier-changelog*

- fix problem when disabling the highlighting by setting the
  hier_highlight_group variables to the empty string ""

- add highlighting groups for warning and info entries
- make clearing of highlighting behave more graceful towards other
- add function s:Getlist to remove duplicated code

- add commands :HierStart and :HierStop
- add support for highlighting location list entries
- add support for highlighting pattern entries

- inital release



Highlight quickfix errors



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