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Text outlining and task management for Vim based on Emacs’ Org-Mode (

The idea for this plugin was born by listening to the Floss Weekly podcast introducing Emacs Org-Mode ( Org-Mode has a lot of strong features like folding, views (sparse tree) and scheduling of tasks. These are completed by hyperlinks, tags, todo states, priorities aso.

Vim-orgmode aims at providing the same functionality for Vim and for command line tools*.

*for command line tools and other programs a library named liborgmode is provided. It encapsulates all functionality for parsing and modifying Org-Mode files.


vim-orgmode is still very young but already quite usable. Here is a short list of the already supported features:

  • Cycle visibility of headings
  • Navigate between headings
  • Edit the structure of the document: add, move, promote, denote headings and more
  • Hyperlinks within vim-orgmode and outside (files, webpages, etc.)
  • TODO list management
  • Tags for headings
  • Basic date handling
  • Export (via emacs)

More features are coming…


Information about the license are found in the file LICENSE.

Installation and Usage

Installation and usage instructions are found in the file doc/orgguide.txt.

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