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Automated Builds

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@aferrero2707 aferrero2707 released this 05 Apr 17:14
· 76 commits to master since this release

Here you can download automated builds of HDRMerge - these include both stable releases and development builds.

How do development builds compare to stable builds? New "development" builds are created automatically every time the code changes, and once enough new features and bug fixes accumulate we release a new "stable" version. Any bugs found in the latest stable version will be subsequently fixed in the development builds which follow, and these will accumulate until the next stable release, and so on. These development versions are also where we improve existing features and add new ones, though it takes time to polish them and to make sure they work well out of the box. On the one hand, development versions always have the highest number of bugs fixed, but on the other hand the new features in these versions may be rough and unpolished and introduce new bugs. If you want to try out new features and don't mind the risk of encountering potentially critical bugs then get the latest development build. For general use we recommend the latest stable release which gives you a generally more polished experience.

How do you read and make sense of the development builds' names? The filename has roughly this structure:


  • Code changes happen often, and each code change is referenced by a unique hash number in the commit - it looks like this: d9ad93c15.
  • Each commit happens on a "branch". The main branch is called master. New features are developed on their own branches, and then merged into master when ready.
  • The "tag" is the human-friendly version of the latest release, e.g. v0.6.