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A JSON parser which accepts laxly-formatted JSON input (using PEG.js)
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Relaxed JSON Parser

This is a JSON parser which accepts laxly-formatted JSON sources for input.

The intention was to have a more liberal parser than JSON.parse() which just accepts the Standard JSON spec.

This parser is usable as CommonJS module for Javascript.

Many thanks to David Majda and his parser generator PEG.js.


Assume the following JSON input in a file myconf.json:

 * This is an example config JSON file with comments.
 * It demonstrates a lax JSON file format.
// Let's start ...


    server: ''
    "port": 8080                       // Defaults to 1234
    user: "Test",

    modes: [
        "active", "disabled"

    /* And most important */
    foo: +.3E-0,

    bar: 0644,
    test: 0xFF,

// That's it!

And now make use of the relaxed parser:

var fs = require("fs"),
    Parser = require("RelaxedJsonParser");

fs.readFile("myconf.json", function(err, source) {
    var jsondata;
    if (err) throw err;

    try {
        jsondata = Parser.parse(source);

        // JSON parsed into jsondata, you are now free to use it ...
        console.log("Have server " + jsondata.server + " with password " + jsondata["$password"]);
        // etc.
    catch (e) {
        // If even this JSON source is not parseable then an error is thrown by the parser

The jsondata variable in the callback will be this Javascript object:

    "server": "",
    "port": 8080,
    "user": "Test",
    "$password": "me\there\non",
    "modes": [
    "foo": 0.3,
    "bar": 420,
    "test": 255
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