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r/RoguelikeDev Does The Complete Roguelike Tutorial

RoguelikeDev Does the Complete Roguelike Tutorial Event Logo

At r/roguelikedev we're doing a dev-along following The Complete Roguelike Tutorial.

Rather than use Python and Libtcod, I've decided to use Go and BearLibTerminal. I will also be updating a series of blog posts on my website as each week progresses. I am using this project as an excuse to learn Go, and Bearlibterminal.

I am blogging about the whole experience over at, if you're interested in following along.

Build Instructions

To build this project, first make sure you have Go installed and configured. The BearLibTerminal Go package needs to be present on your GOPATH.

From the command line, navigate to the root of this project, and excecute go build bearrogue.go

If you would like to participate on GitHub

  • Sign up for a free personal account if you don't already have one.
  • Fork this repository to your account.
  • Clone the repository on your computer and follow the tutorial.
  • Follow along with the weekly posts.
  • Update the file to include a description of your game, how/where to play/download it, how to build/compile it, what dependencies it has, etc.
  • Share your game on the final week.

It's dangerous to go alone

If you're new to Git, GitHub, or version control

  • Git Documentation - everything you need to know about version control, and how to get started with Git.
  • GitHub Help - everything you need to know about GitHub.


r/roguelikedev does the complete roguelike tutorial




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