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Handcrafted with all the love in the world.




  1. Install a recent version of vim with your favourite package manager.

    brew install macvim

    Optionally install emacs as well.

    brew install emacs --cocoa --use-git-head --HEAD
  2. Install git, because if you don't have it you need it in your life.

    brew install git
  3. Clone the repo.

    git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
    4. Link dotfiles and install all the best packages.
    ``` shell
    cd ~/.dotfiles
    rake install packages:install
    1. Wipe out my ssh config. It's no use to you.
    echo "" > ssh/config
    1. Replace my name, email, and Github user in git/gitconfig.symlink with your details.

    2. Remove my PGP key, and add your own.

    gpg -a --export <KEY_ID> > key.asc


    Install packages via Homebrew:

rake packages:install

Update plugin list:

rake plugins:update_readme


Unless otherwise stated, everything is covered by the MIT license.

Plugin List

Auto generated by rake plugins:update_readme.

  • vundle - Vundle, the plug-in manager for Vim
  • vim-ruby - Vim/Ruby Configuration Files
  • vim-rake - rake.vim: it's like rails.vim without the rails
  • vim-bundler - bundler.vim: Lightweight support for Ruby's Bundler
  • vim-endwise - endwise.vim: wisely add "end" in ruby, endfunction/endif/more in vim script, etc
  • blockle.vim - Toggle ruby block styles
  • vim-rails - rails.vim: Ruby on Rails power tools
  • vim-ruby-sinatra - Vim syntax highlight and snippets that helper coding applications based in Sinatra micro-framework.
  • PickAColor.vim - Inserts and edits color codes using a color name or a graphic color chooser.
  • colorv.vim - A vim plugin to make colors handling easier
  • vim-ragtag - ragtag.vim: ghetto HTML/XML mappings (formerly allml.vim)
  • sparkup - A parser for a condensed HTML format
  • hammer.vim - vim, your markup language of choice, and your browser of choice.
  • vim-stylus - Syntax Highlighting for Stylus
  • vim-slim - A clone of the slim vim plugin from stonean. For use with Pathogen.
  • vim-haml - Vim runtime files for Haml, Sass, and SCSS
  • vim-less - vim syntax for LESS (dynamic CSS)
  • vim-coffee-script - CoffeeScript support for vim
  • vim-javascript - Vastly improved vim's javascript indentation.
  • vim-jade - Vim syntax highlighting for the Jade templating engine.
  • textile.vim - Textile for VIM
  • vim-liquid - Vim Liquid runtime files with Jekyll enhancements
  • vim-markdown - Vim Markdown runtime files
  • vim-jquery - Fork of bronson's vim-jquery which is now gone
  • vim-handlebars - Vim plugin for Handlebars
  • nginx.vim - Syntax highlighting for nginx.conf and related config files.
  • vim-css3-syntax - Add CSS3 syntax support to vim's built-in syntax/css.vim.
  • vim-fugitive - fugitive.vim: a Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal
  • vim-git - Vim Git runtime files
  • gitv - gitk for Vim.
  • vim-extradite - A git commit browser for vim. Extends fugitive.vim.
  • applescript.vim - Syntax highlighting for AppleScript
  • vim-cucumber - Vim Cucumber runtime files
  • puppet-vim - Vim stuff for puppet
  • cocoa.vim - Vim plugin for Cocoa/Objective-C development.
  • vim-latex - Mirror of vim-latex as Sourceforge's git support blows chunks!
  • vim-json - Pathogen friendly packaging of vim-json from Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven
  • tomdoc.vim - A simple syntax add-on for vim that highlights your TomDoc comments.
  • vim-tomdoc - Simple vim plugin that adds TomDoc templates to your code.
  • vim-colors-solarized - precision colorscheme for the vim text editor
  • vim-distinguished - A dark vim color scheme for 256-color terminals.
  • vim-vividchalk - vividchalk.vim: a colorscheme strangely reminiscent of Vibrant Ink for a certain OS X editor
  • neocomplcache - Ultimate auto-completion system for Vim.
  • IndexedSearch - shows 'Nth match out of M' at every search (index of match+total # matches)
  • swap-parameters - Swap parameters of a function or a comma separated list with a single command.
  • vim-slurper - Vim script for slurper gem to provide file specific syntax highlighting and key mappings.
  • neocomplcache - Ultimate auto-completion system for Vim.
  • ultisnips - Official Mirror of UltiSnips trunk on LaunchPad. Send pull requests to SirVer/ultisnips!
  • file-line - Plugin for vim to enabling opening a file in a given line
  • vim-easymotion - Vim motions on speed!
  • gundo.vim - A git mirror of gundo.vim
  • bufexplorer - Clone of Jeff Lanzarotta's bufexplorer from
  • vim-scratch - Yegappan Lakshmanan's scratch.vim plugin
  • vim-powerline - The ultimate vim statusline utility.
  • ctrlp.vim - Fuzzy file, buffer, mru, tag, etc finder.
  • vim-indent-object - Vim plugin that defines a new text object representing lines of code at the same indent level. Useful for python/vim scripts, etc.
  • nerdtree - A tree explorer plugin for vim.
  • splice.vim - A Vim plugin for managing three-way merges.
  • vim-space - space.vim - Smart Space key for Vim
  • vim-quickrun - Run commands quickly.
  • vim-abolish - abolish.vim: easily search for, substitute, and abbreviate multiple variants of a word
  • syntastic - Syntax checking hacks for vim
  • nerdcommenter - Vim plugin for intensely orgasmic commenting
  • ack.vim - Vim plugin for the Perl module / CLI script 'ack'
  • tagbar - Vim plugin that displays tags in a window, ordered by class etc.
  • EasyGrep - Fast and Easy Find and Replace Across Multiple Files
  • vim-eunuch - eunuch.vim: helpers for UNIX
  • vim-repeat - repeat.vim: enable repeating supported plugin maps with "."
  • vim-speeddating - speeddating.vim: use CTRL-A/CTRL-X to increment dates, times, and more
  • vim-surround - surround.vim: quoting/parenthesizing made simple
  • vim-unimpaired - unimpaired.vim: pairs of handy bracket mappings
  • tabular - Vim script for text filtering and alignment
  • Indent-Guides - A plugin for visually displaying indent levels in gvim.
  • ZoomWin - Zoom in/out of windows (toggle between one window and multi-window)
  • sudo.vim - Allows one to edit a file with prevledges from an unprivledged session.

That's 75 plugins.

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