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nfo commented Dec 17, 2010

It's really annoying when commits are hidden just because of an updated indentation.

blame/annotate command: ignore whitespace when comparing the parent's…
… version and the child's to find where the lines came from.

jcf commented Dec 20, 2010

What about whitespace changes in a whitespace-sensitive language like python or a whitespace-sensitive markup language like Haml or Sass?

I hope I'm not misunderstanding the use of the ignore whitespace option.

nfo commented Dec 20, 2010

That's a very good point. A whitespace change for these languages could be a real fix, not just cosmetic. I don't use whitespace-sensitive language, so I'm afraid I can't help much.
Ideally it would just be an option, like a checkbox in the annotate window, or a new menu in the bundle. I suppose that some people do not want this feature even with other languages.


jcf commented Dec 20, 2010

How about using a TM variable? Something like TM_GIT_IGNORE_WHITESPACE. If it's defined we can add the -w flag, if not we don't.

I don't think supporting multiple options with something like TM_GIT_ANNOTATE_OPTIONS makes sense. It's over-complicating matters.

What do you think?

nfo commented Dec 20, 2010

It seems to be a very good idea.

@jcf jcf closed this Jul 1, 2011

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