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Jekyll with assets

Download, bundle install, and run Foreman with

foreman start


rake-pipeline is used to generate and package assets ready for deployment to Github Pages.

ENV=production bin/deploy


Marcel Wanders said:

Everything has been done. There are no new ideas left. Whatever we can think of… has been done before. We cannot invent lollipops any more, nor table-tennis, not soccer nor skyscrapers, not books nor virtual money. We cannot invent electronic agendas nor new excuses to be too late. But in the world of our dreams we are constantly searching for new inventions. Looking for unknown species from the large family of little imaginative ideas.

We can twist the world and its entangled constructions to surprise each other with untried and unexpected changes… with funny poetic insights… with technical twists that breathe new life into the world. To try to be only truthful is a cliché, a creative failing. We have to remind ourselves of the story tales we were told as children, these well-intended lies that taught us how to dream. As designers we have to lie like poets, to pair the unexpected to convey our imaginative vision. We can enhance the world with a dream, a pairing. I love these little moments… they are always welcome in my world!

TL;DR There are no new ideas.

Some of the features, design and ideas in this project were inspired by the work done by the Travis team, specifically their use of rake-pipeline in the venerable Travis Web project, and the style and commitment to readability of Information Architects.

I'm just a person who enjoys building interesting things with interesting people. It would make me very happy if you were to learn something handy, or find some inspiration from my work.

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