Playing with mashing up node.js, and Sinatra.
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Mashing up Sinatra, node.js and to send messages via websockets to a server that sends some messy JSON back in response.


This is a node.js application that uses to listen to for connections from the client.

The message it receives consists of some stringified JSON, which contains a message and a type. The type will determine which of three URLs are returned and the message is simply echo'd back to the client. It could be broadcast instead.


The client is a sinatra app that renders a simple form that's wrapped in some hacky jQuery.

Basically the submit event gets swallowed and the message and type get stringified and sent via the socket.

The result is parsed and inserted in to a couple of DIVs. Handlebars.js or Mustache should be used to build the HTML from the response but this is just a proof of concept.

Get It Running

git clone git://
cd node_sockets
rvm rvmrc load
bundle install # after creating the RVM gemset
node server/lib/app.js &
shotgun client/app.rb

Visit http://localhost:9393 in your browser and starting sending messages!


Most things are managed with Bundler but you'll have to npm install manually until I set up npm properly.

  • node.js
  • npm
  • coffeescript
  • Ruby 1.9.2
  • bundler

The sinatra app won't run on Ruby 1.8. Not because it can't but because I am using 1.9.2 and don't care about support etc. with a project like this.

Support and Contributions

Don't. This is a proof-of-concept. It's a learning experience for me. If you find any of it useful great but you'll no doubt want to use a more mature project for inspiration and proper education.