Mirror of vim-latex as Sourceforge's git support blows chunks!
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compiler remove most svn/CVS keywords Nov 12, 2010
doc Fix typo: "Th bottom" Jan 16, 2013
indent indent: Use g:tex_noindent_env and g:tex_itemize_env again Jan 16, 2013
plugin Allow to undo IMAP substitution Oct 31, 2012
.gitignore Add docs/tags and *.pyc to gitignore for pathogen support (which shou… Sep 24, 2011
Makefile fix snapshot upload Feb 15, 2011
Makefile.in No need to skip .svn files in ftplugin/latex-suite anymore. Feb 16, 2011
README.md Remove incorrect version from README Feb 21, 2013
latextags set svn:executable for executables Nov 12, 2010
ltags set svn:executable for executables Nov 12, 2010





Because I want to be able to easily update this suite of tools without using Subversion and because Sourceforge suck at supporting git!


I'll do my best to keep this repo stable and up-to-date but if there's an update available that I haven't spotted please do let me know.