Commits on Nov 7, 2010
  1. Version 100801

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts Aug 1, 2010
    * Dropped options vimrplugin_hstart and vimrplugin_browser_time.
    * If ~/.vim/r-plugin/functions.vim is not found, try to copy it from  /usr/share/vim/addons/r-plugin/functions.vim.
    * Minor bug fixes.
  2. Version 100730

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts Jul 31, 2010
    * Added menu item and key binding for run "R CMD BATCH" and open the resulting ".Rout" file.
     * Fixed bug when more than one Vim instance used the same file to send multiple lines of code to R (thanks to Bart for reporting the bug).
  3. Version 100719

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts Jul 19, 2010
    * Renamed the directory "tools" and some files.
    * Added options vimrplugin_listmethods and vimrplugin_specialplot.
    * Improved syntax highlight of R batch output (.Rout files).
    * No longer uses the external programs grep, awk and sed to build the additional syntax file containing the list of functions.
  4. Version 100707

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts Jul 7, 2010
     * Fixed 'E329: No menu "R"' when more than one file were loaded simultaneously by calling vim with either -p or -o parameters. Thanks to Peng Yu for reporting the bug.
     * Correctly recognize a newly created file with extension ".R" as an R script file.
  5. Version 100512

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts May 12, 2010
    * Thanks to Tortonesi Mauro who wrote a patch to make the plugin work with pathogen.vim.
    * Added simple syntax hightlight for .Rout files.
    * Increased the time limit of RUpdateObjList to two minutes.
    * Improvement in the syntax highlight based on code written by Zhuojun Chen.
    * Thanks to Scott Kostyshak who helped to improve the documentation.
    * Iago Mosqueira suggested that the plugin should be able to run one R process for each Vim instance, and his suggestion was implemented with the option g:vimrplugin_by_vim_instance.
  6. Version 091223

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts Dec 23, 2009
    * Changes in omni completion: now using two tags files, one for .GlobalEnv and other for all other environments. The command :RUpdateObjList must be used to update the list of objects that are not in .Globalenv. Arguments of functions are displayed in a scratch window.
    * Syntax highlight for R functions. The command :RUpdateObjList must be used to update the list of functions to be highlighted.
  7. Version 091016

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts Oct 16, 2009
    * The plugin now can run together with screen.vim, thanks to Eric Van Dewoestine, the author of screen.vim, who added script integration to screen.vim.
    * Andy Choens has made many improvements on the documentation.
    * Added the possibility of custom key binding creation to call any R function with the word under cursor as argument.
    * The key bindings related with Sweave are activated even if the file type is not rnoweb.
    * Replaced <Leader> with <LocalLeader> in the key bindings.
    * Added "Send Paragraph" commands.
  8. Version 091004

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts Oct 5, 2009
    * José Cláudio Faria has began to work in the project as co-author.
    * Some ideas from Tinn-R project were ported to the plugin.
    * The main menu has new items and the toolbar new icons.
    * Documentation improvements.
  9. Version 090828

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts Aug 28, 2009
     * Faster startup.
     * Better support for Rnoweb files: the cursor goes to '^<<' if the sent line is '^@$'.
  10. Version 090811

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts Aug 12, 2009
     * Now use screen instead of The bugs and limitations related with are solved.
     * Deleted key binding for R-devel.
     * Automatically detect available terminal emulators and choose one of them.
     * By default, no longer calls help.start() the first time that <C-H> is pressed.
  11. Version 090810

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts Aug 10, 2009
     * Added R icons for some terminal emulators.
     * Removed the script open-gvim-here. You may use Vim's option autochdir.
     * Added option g:vimrplugin_term.
     * Improved indentation script.
     * Changed key binding from <S-Enter>, which doesn't work in any terminal, to <M-Enter>, which at least works in xterm.
  12. Version 090610

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts Jun 11, 2009
    The options expandtab, shiftwidth and tabstop are no longer set by the plugin. Better word detection before calling R's help(). Fixed bug in underscore replacement. Fixed small bug in code indentation. Added scipt Added two new plugin options: no underscore replacement and fixed name for the pipe file instead of random one.
  13. Version 090523

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts May 23, 2009
    * Key bindings now are customizable.
    * Default key binding for calling R's args() changed to <S-F1>.
    * New R script rargs.R gives better results for generic functions than R's args() called directly.
  14. Version 090519

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts May 20, 2009
    * Don't send large blocks of code to R to avoid xterm freezing.
    * Automatically call help.start() after <C-H> is pressed for the first time, and wait 4 seconds for the browser start before calling R's help(). These features are customizable.
    * Fixed tags file script.
  15. Version 090516

    jalvesaq committed with vim-scripts May 16, 2009
    * Added documentation.
    * Added ability to send function to R, revert the automatic convertion of "_" into "<-" and call R's help().
    * Added archive with some files to ease desktop integration, if desired.