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SVG file icons for audio, image, programming and office files
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This is an SVG version of the free file icon set already provided by Teambox. The icons were created using Affinity Designer, based on the "" file provided in the original repository.

It contains some icons not present in the original set and is probably missing some icons as well. I created these for my own use, so the selection will vary depending on what I found personally useful for my own needs.

If there is an icon missing that you're dying to have, you can let me know and I'll give it a shot.

It is organized by MIME type. For some file types, there may not be an official registered MIME type (or it may not have a unique one), so I, again arbitrarily, picked or created one. There is a CSV file that associates file extensions with MIME types. The intended usage is a script that takes the file extension from a file name, finds a MIME type for it using the CSV file, checks if an icon exists for that MIME type, and then uses it if available (otherwise, it picks a generic file icon).

Licensed under the MIT license, as with the originals.

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