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Chaschper is based on Casper Two, a port of the Casper, the default personal blogging theme for Ghost. A legacy version (v1.x) has already been ported to Hugo years ago.

I simplified aspects of the Casper theme (removed the two different single page styles, cleaned up partials and tried to organize things in a way that suited me better).

In addition, Chaschper features additional features:

  • IndieWeb integration
  • IndieAuth integration
  • integration
  • Optional Matomo analytics (see installation instructions)
  • Image Galleries (see content/galleries)
  • Responsive images using the {{< figure >}} shortcut (this replaces the regular Hugo figure shortcut)

Theme Demo


Inside the folder of your Hugo site run:

$ cd themes
$ git clone chaschper

or if you plan to use netlify to host your site

$ git submodule add themes/chaschper

For more information read the official setup guide of Hugo.

Matomo setup

If you want to use Matomo, install the Matomo theme:

$ git submodule add themes/matomo

Sample Configuration

The following config.toml is used for the demo site.

baseurl         = ""
title           = "Invisible - Musings. Music. Code. Art"
theme           = [ "chaschper", "matomo" ]
languageCode    = "en-US"
disqusShortname = ""
paginate        = 6
canonifyurls    = true
assetDir        = "static"

    name    = "Jens-Christian Fischer"
    nick    = "jcfischer"
    email   = ""
    avatar  = ""
    description = "Maker. Musician"

  title       = "Invisible"
  domain      = ""
  subtitle    = "Musings. Music. Code. Art"
  copyright   = "© 2018"

  cover       = "img/blog-cover.jpg"
  description = "Portfolio and Blog of Jens-Christian Fischer"
  metaDescription = ""
  googleAnalytics = ""
  customCSS = []
  RSSLink = ""
  showSubcribe = true
  show_reading_time = true

  mainSections = ["musings", "music", "code", "art"]

  twitterName = "jcfischer"
  fbName = "JensChristianFischer"
  mastodonName = ""
  githubName = "jcfischer"
  linkedinName = "jenscfischer"
  keybaseName = "jcfischer"

  pageNotFoundTitle = "404 - Page not found"

  posts = "/:year/:month/:slug/"

  name = "Musings"
  url = "/categories/musings"
  weight = 200

  name = "Music"
  url = "/categories/music"
  weight = 100

  name = "Code"
  url = "/categories/code"
  weight = 99

  name = "Art"
  url = "/categories/art"
  weight = 95

  name = "About"
  url = "/about"
  weight = 90

# These are parameters used for indieweb identity. You should set these along
# with the above email/social network parameters.
    Country = "Switzerland"
    City = "Zurich"
    webmention = ""

    url = ""
    id = 1

    button = "Enable Analytics"
    message = "Your visits will be logged."
    button = "Disable Analytics"
    message = "Your visits will *not* be logged."

Sample content structure is given in the exampleSite folder. Have fun!


This theme has a search function. It uses DuckDuckGo for a site specific search (be sure to set the domain in config.toml)

To get DuckDuckGo to index your domain, submit it to the Yandex Webmaster Tools - after a few days, DuckDuckGo will have picked up the domain and the pages indexed by Yandex.

Image Galleries

Create a directory called "galleries" in your content directory. Add a directory for each gallery and place the images in it. Add (otherwise it will not work) with a description (optional) and the following front matter:

title: "Scuol 2018-10-25"
date: 2018-10-25T15:26:46+01:00
tags: ["scuol", "autumn"]
type: "gallery"

A wonderful, sunny day in Scuol in autumn. Pictures taken during a walk down to the Inn river.

The galleries will mix in with your regular posts and there is a /galleries path that lists all of them in reverse chronological order.

Uses Fluidbox to display images.


This theme is released under the MIT license. For more information read the License.


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