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A small library for creating cryptographic signatures of parameters

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A library to compute cryptographic signatures of strings. We use it protect parameters passed to an API by signing the params, and passing that signature along. On the receiving side, the params are checked against the signature to detect spoofing. Of course this needs some kind of secret to prevent a slightly higher skilled hacker to just re-compute the signature.



Signum.signature_for :value => { "param1" => "hello", "param2" => "world"},
                     :secret => "aLongAndDifficultSecretString"

internally, this calls the Signature class directly. You could therefore also use:

Signum::Signature.for "secret", "param1" => "hello", "param2" => "world"
=> a3562b14ae3b14cc6db2aa01840273f4
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