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Gradle notifier

Desktop notifications for Gradle.
A notification is sent when a build ends indicating if the build has failed or succeeded.


Gradle < 4.2 : Use gradle-notifier v1.2.0
Gradle >= 4.2 : Use gradle-notifier v2.0.0+


The plugin can be configured in an initialization script or in the build script.

It is also deployed on

Initialization script

For example, create (or edit) $HOME/.gradle/init.gradle file:

initscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
        classpath group: 'fr.jcgay', name: 'gradle-notifier', version: '3.0.0'

rootProject {
    apply plugin: fr.jcgay.gradle.notifier.GradleNotifierPlugin

Build script

In build.gradle, add:

buildscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
        classpath group: 'fr.jcgay', name: 'gradle-notifier', version: '3.0.0'

apply plugin: 'fr.jcgay.gradle-notifier'


The plugin is based on send-notification. Available notifiers and customization are described at this wiki.

You can rely on a property file located at $HOME/.send-notification to configure your environment or use gradle to pass properties to the plugin.

notifier {
    implementation = 'notificationcenter'
    continuousNotify = false
    threshold {
        time = 10
        unit = java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit.SECONDS
    timeout {
        time = 1
        unit = java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit.SECONDS
    growl {
        port = 23053
        host = 'localhost'
        password = 'azerty123'
    snarl {
        host = 'localhost'
        port = 9887
        appPassword = 's3cr3t'
    pushbullet {
    	apikey = 'key123'
    	device = 'abcdef'
    notifysend {
        timeout = 7
        path = 'notify-send'
    notificationcenter {
    	path = 'terminal-notifier'
    	activate = ''
    	sound = 'default'
    systemtray {
    	wait = 2
    notifu {
    	path = 'notifu64'
    kdialog {
    	path = 'kdialog'
    anybar {
    	host = 'localhost'
    	port = 1738
    toaster {
        path = 'toast'
    notify {
        position = 'TOP_LEFT'
        darkstyle = true
    burnttoast {
        sound = 'Reminder'
    slack {
        token = 'secret.token'
        channel = '@jcgay'

notifier.threshold allows to bypass notification when the build ends before the configured threshold.
notifier.continuousNotify activate notifications for continuous build (using --continuous or -t).
notifier.timeout configures the time Gradle will wait to communicate with a notifier.

All parameters are configured by default, if you're fine with it, no need to write them down.
gradle-notifier will try to find an available notifier on your system.

Notifier configuration can also be set using system properties. One can use -Dnotifier.implementation=anybar or -Dnotifier.anybar.port=9999 to override parameters for a specific build execution.


Notifier Screenshot
Growl, for Windows and OS X. Growl
Snarl, for Windows Snarl
terminal-notifier, OS X terminal-notifier
notification center OS X (since Mavericks) notification-center
notify-send for Linux notify-send
SystemTray since Java 6 System Tray
Pushbullet pushbullet
Kdialog for KDE Kdialog
notifu for Windows notifu
AnyBar for OS X and Linux anybar
Toaster for Windows 8 Toaster
Notify since Java 6 Notify
BurntToast for Windows 10 BurntToast
Slack Slack



Build Status Coverage Status

Set next version

./gradlew markNextVersion -Prelease.version=2.0.0


./gradlew release && ./gradlew clean publish