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Maven Notifier

Notifiers that can be used with Maven 3.x. A status notification will be send at the end of a Maven build.


$M2_HOME refers to maven installation folder.

├── bin
├── boot
├── conf
└── lib

OS X ?

You can install a pre-packaged maven named maven-deluxe using brew. It comes with maven-color, maven-notifier and maven-profiler. It is based on latest maven release.

brew tap jcgay/jcgay
brew install maven-deluxe

Maven >= 3.3.x

Get maven-notifier and copy it in %M2_HOME%/lib/ext folder.


Use the core extensions configuration mechanism by creating a ${maven.multiModuleProjectDirectory}/.mvn/extensions.xml file with:

	<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Maven >= 3.1

Get maven-notifier and copy it in your $M2_HOME/lib/ext folder.

Maven < 3.1

Get maven-notifier and extract it in your $M2_HOME/lib/ext folder.

What's new ?

See CHANGELOG to get latest changes.


Notifier Screenshot
Growl, for Windows and OS X. Growl
Snarl, for Windows Snarl
terminal-notifier, OS X terminal-notifier
notification center OS X (since Mavericks) notification-center
notify-send for Linux notify-send
SystemTray since Java 6 System Tray
Pushbullet pushbullet
Kdialog for KDE Kdialog
notifu for Windows notifu
AnyBar for OS X and Linux anybar
Toaster for Windows 8 Toaster
Notify since Java 6 Notify
BurntToast for Windows 10 BurntToast
Slack Slack


Play a success or failure sound when build ends.


Go to Wiki to read full configuration guide for each notifier.

Build status

Build Status Coverage Status Quality Gate Technical debt ratio


mvn -B release:prepare release:perform