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A collection of notifiers for Maven 3.x.


If needed, configuration can be done by creating a file in your ~/.m2 folder and using keys:

  • notifier.implementation = which implementation to use. (growl, notificationcenter, simplenc, notifysend, systemtray, snarl, pushbullet, kdialog, notifu, anybar, toaster, notify, burnttoast, slack, donothing).
  • notifier.message.short = true/false. Choose between a full description with each module summary or a short one just reflecting the build status. (true by default)
  • notifier.threshold = a time in second under which a build will not fire a notification. (-1 by default meaning a notification will always be sent). If set to 10 for example, no notification will be triggered if the build ends before 10s.

Notification can be skipped when launching Maven.

mvn package -DskipNotification

The implementation can be override at runtime.

mvn package -DnotifyWith=growl    

Default notifiers

maven-notifier will try to find an available notifier on running os.


  • Growl,
  • Notification Center (with terminal-notifier)
  • System Tray


  • Kdialog,
  • notify-send,
  • System Tray


  • Snarl,
  • Growl,
  • Toaster,
  • BurntToast,
  • System Tray

Disable notification

If for some reason you want to entirely disable notifications, you have two choices:

  • Add <skipNotification>true</skipNotification> in the properties of your settings.xml
  • Set notifier.implementation=donothing in ~/.m2/

Use multiple notifiers

You can choose to send notification to multiple notifiers at once using:


In this case, growl will always be used and pushbullet can be activated when passing property notifyAll to the JVM.

mvn test -DnotifyAll

It is handy when you launch a long build and know that you may not be in front your computer anymore when the build should ends.

Notifiers Configuration

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