Guide and notes for personal finance
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Personal Finance Creative Commons

This is an outline of our personal finance plan. I'm sharing this as a starting point for others to form their own plan, and also to gather feedback on what we can improve. If you have a suggestion, feel free to file an issue or email me at


  • Pay off loans, except ones with very low interest. e.g. 0.9% car loan. Builds credit, less than inflation.
  • Never keep a balance on credit cards, auto-pay everything in full
  • Ask for a credit increase every year, don't over do it
  • Carry less than 1/3 of credit limit in credit card balance
  • Check credit score once a year. CreditKarma has a better interface and suggestions for improving credit score.
  • Refinance for a lower interest rate on mortgages or large loans
  • Consider 401k loans. Up to $50k, prime rate, and interest and principal are both paid back into the account


  • 12 months of expenses in a high interest savings account
  • Budget out large purchases into monthly amounts to save. e.g. car, wedding, vacation



  • Health Savings Account (HSA). Maximize employer contributions.
    • Do not invest until balance would exceed minimum to avoid fees
    • Choose a plan that allows investment in index funds like Wells Fargo or Health Savings Administrators
    • Continue to pay medical expenses out of pocket when possible to maximize tax deferred growth
    • No penalties for non-medical withdrawals after 65. Can use as another retirement account.




  • Monthly review of spending with Mint. Categorize spending, note any large differences in monthly trends. Link all accounts.
  • Vanguard brokerage account. Using this for our Roth IRA and IRA.
  • Setup direct deposit and auto-pay for all accounts.
  • FI planning tool. Interesting to play with, but no longer using it.


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