Minimalistic promotional website for your iOS/Android/Windows Phone application
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Minimal App Promo Template

Template Preview

Live example here

You can see a live site example here

Optional Dependencies

If you wish to modify the template from the source, it requires npm and gulp.

Run npm install to install all dependencies.

Make sure to run npm install -g gulp browser-sync


You can customize the device on the template by using the appropriate class names and class colors, with a Windows device being the exception.

<div class="device android black">
<div class="device android white">
<div class="device iphone black">
<div class="device iphone white">
<div class="device windows default">

Replace your screen shot with images/screenshot.png (750 × 1334).

Run Locally

Simply run gulp to compile, and start a local server on localhost:3000


A compiled version of the site is included in dist however, if you would like to make additional changes, I would recommend making them in the src folder, which can be easily compiled with gulp build. If you are already running gulp then you do not need to run gulp build separately.


This template comes with no additional support. Feel free to modify it and improve it as needed. Pull requests are appreciated.