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Reactive wikipedia search demo application

Demo application of wikipedia search-as-you-type experience, written in TypeScript, using React, Redux-Observable & RxJS and fully marble-tested.

The live demo can be found here.

Setup guide

  1. Install node.js and npm package manager:, or e.g. sudo apt-get nodejs, sudo apt-get install npm, sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy (this latter one installs a symlink for node command to nodejs)
  2. Install visual studio code:
  3. Install git (if required), e.g. sudo apt-get npm install git
  4. Fork this repository in gitbug, and clone your repo: git clone
  5. Install recommended visual studio code extensions for this project
  6. Run npm install in the root directory of this repo, this downloads all dependencies and tools.
  7. Run npm run build to build the application (this launches webpack behind the scenes)
  8. Run npm run start or hit F5 in visual studio code to startup the application: it becomes available on http://localhost:8080

Configuration files description

  • package.json: npm configuration file, lists all dependencies of the project, contains building scripts and package meta-information
  • tsconfig.json: typescript compiler options (inspired from
  • tslint.json: typescript linter options & rules configuration
  • webpack.config.js: webpack configuration file
  • .vscode/extensions.json: recommended visual studio code extensions
  • .vscode/launch.json: configuration of what happens when pressing F5 in visual studio code
  • .vscode/settings.json: settings for visual studio code and extensions
  • .vscode/tasks.json: configuration of visual studio code tasks, will delegate to npm commands and e.g. support parsing console output from webpack to find out about errors


  • CRTL+SHIFT+B: Build (runs npm run build)
  • F5: Run application and open chrome window (note that due to a vscode bug when stopping the debug session the server does not shut down, and you need to 'terminate running task')
  • CTRL+SHIFT+T: Terminate running task (need to be customized, not built-in)