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These demo projects for JAX-RS 2 help get up and running quickly with the Java API for RESTful Web Services

Requires Java 7 and Maven

Three java projects are included:

  1. common-dto - common pojos
  2. book-client - jax-rs 2 demo client
  3. book-server - jax-rs 2 demo server

Build the projects

On Windows run

    mvn-run.bat build

    mvn-run.bat book-server
In another cmd window

    mvn-run.bat book-client

On LINUX run

    ant book-server

In another terminal

    ant book-client

The project demonstrates:

The new Client API


The Invocation Object and the Command Pattern

Entity Resolvers for Object Unmarshalling

Server Resource

Server Filter

Spring Integration

Content Negotiation with using Jackson Entity Resolvers 

Import the projects into Eclipse.

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