A helper class library for .NET Micro Framework applications that need a regular timer.
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If your (.NET Micro Framework) application needs a regular, heartbeat-like event to function, MicroHeartBeat is for you. Set a period for the timer to trigger, add an event handler, and you're good to go.

This helper class was originally created for the AgentIntervals app. It's essentially just a wrapper around the stock Timer class, but with several methods to add useful functionality.

Quick Start

Include the contents of the bin/Release folder in your project, and add a reference to MicroHeartBeat.dll. Alternatively, just drop HeartBeat.cs in your project.

Example Usage

public class ExampleClass
	private static HeartBeat _heartBeat;
	public static void Main()
		// Events will trigger every 500 ms.
		_heartBeat = new HeartBeat(500);
		_heartBeat.OnHeartBeat += HeartBeatEventHandler;
	private static void HeartBeatEventHandler(object sender, EventArgs e)
		// Include your logic here!


HeartBeat(int period): construct a new HeartBeat that fires events every period milliseconds apart.

void Start(): begins the heartbeat immediately.

void Start(int delay): waits delay milliseconds, then begins the heartbeat.

void Stop(): stops the heartbeat.

bool Toggle(): if the heartbeat is running, stops it and returns false; if it is stopped, starts it immediately and returns true.

bool Toggle(int delay): same as Toggle(), but will wait delay milliseconds before starting the heartbeat.

void Reset(): stops and restarts the heartbeat.

void Reset(int delay): stops the heartbeat, waits delay milliseconds, then starts it again.

void ChangePeriod(int period): changes the heartbeat to trigger every period milliseconds instead. If the heartbeat is running, stops and starts it again.

##License MicroHeartBeat is available under the MIT License.