A Concourse resource for interacting with Knative Services. Not production-ready, use at your own risk.
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For Concourse. This is a proof of concept, please don't use it in production.

This Resource works by tracking and updating Configurations embedded into a Service. Updating the Configuration causes Knative Serving to stamp out a new Revision.

Source Configuration

  • name: The name of your Knative Service.
  • kubernetes_uri: The URI of your Kubernetes cluster controller. This can be found with kubectl cluster-info.
  • kubernetes_token: Bearer token used to identify a Service Account to the Kubernetes controller.
  • kubernetes_ca: The CA certificate from the Kubernetes controller, used to identify the cluster to this Resource.


This resource watches the serving.knative.dev/configurationGeneration annotation on the Service. It relies on these numbers to be monotonic.

get / in

Using get will produce two files under the Resource directory: configuration.yaml and configuration.json.

These are the same information -- the Configuration of the Service at the provided configurationGeneration.

put / out

put updates an existing Service with a new image digest.


  • image_repository: The Docker image repository string for the image to be used. For example, ubuntu, gcr.io/your-project-name/image-name.
  • image_digest_path: Path to a file containing the image digest of the image. It is expected you will get this from the Docker image resource.

Build URL

The Resource also sets a concourseBuild annotation on the Configuration. This is a full URL back to the Concourse build that included the put.

Version metadata

The Resource provides four version metadata fields intended to help with more detailed debugging:

  • cluster_name: The Kubernetes cluster name on the Service. This is often blank.
  • creation_timestamp: The creation timestamp of the Service in Kubernetes.
  • resource_version: The version number maintained by Kubernetes, as distinct from configurationGeneration.
  • uid: The unique ID maintained by Kubernetes, as distinct from the Service name.


Refer to pipeline.yml for a pipeline I used during development.