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An attempt to make a JSON generator that gives the same result everytime. Canonical is a bad name for this and should be ignored.
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Repeatable JSON serializations

So far I have recursive sort working (using JS's built-in array.sort()) and I have ghetto float rounding working.

The tests are designed to be run using CouchDB. To run them yourself, you need CouchApp. In the canonical-json directory run couchapp push mydb and then browse in Futon to the design doc that it creates. You should see a link to run the tests in the test runner. Click it. It should sorta look like what you see here:

I'm happy to accept pull requests that consist of nothing but failing tests. I'm also happy to accept requests that make such tests pass.


High-level overview of doc-signing process

Serialize JSON object to be signed into a string.

Load the user's private and public keys.

Sign the string with the private key.

Create a singature object, which has: the signature string the public key the serialization function (or a URL to it)

Example final document

  "_id" : "89a7stdg235",
  "_rev" : "1-26476513",
  "signed-content" : {
    "message" : "I said this and I meant it.",
    "date" : "2009/04/09 15:54:08",
    "author" : {
      "name" : "J. Chris Anderson",
      "url" : "",
      "photo" : ""
  "signature" : {
    "content-hash" : "s7d23fiu7g34awb47e32rso7d54fn3sdf==",
    "content-serializer" : {
      "code" : "",
      "decimal-precision" : 4
    "public-key" : "5s2457d357f47io46u135h35as5df135oi235ugs4a35df57ou7y5g1s5d5f58ou1s3d4f==",
    "signed-hash" : "h235h345h3147j23j35g1235344j3246h46jg3245j==",
  "foo" : ["this content is not signed", "it's just here"]
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