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Working on making better documentation for CouchDB.

Adding to the site

  1. Make a file in the site/ directory.
  2. Add some stuff to it
  3. Commit it and send a pull request to couchdocs.

Files that end in .md will be passed through a Markdown converter. Files that end in .rst will be passed through a reST converter. Other files will just be copied straight over to the output directory.

Files have metadata headers. See the existing files for examples.

Building the site

$ ./bin/

Or, if you have kicker installed (a ruby gem) you can have the site built automatically when anything changes:

$ kicker -e ./bin/ site/ htdocs/ templates/

Viewing the site locally

If you have the WEBrick (another Ruby gem) installed you should be able to run the bin/serve.rb script and have the site available on port 8080.

$ ./bin/serve.rb

Uploading the site to Github pages

$ ghp-import -p ./htdocs/

Requires that you have installed ghp-import which can be found here.