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Sofa: Standalone CouchDB Blog

Sofa showcases the potential of pure CouchDB applications. It should provide an easy way for people to put thier thoughts online, anywhere there's a running Couch. It's just HTML, JavaScript and the magic of CouchDB.

Currently supports authoring by anyone with the proper roles, and comments from anyone with a user account.

Current News

Things are moving crazy fast around here right now as I bring this stuff up to ship-shape for the CouchDB book. I'll be renaming methods and stuff (if I find the time), any API feedback will be appreciated.

Install CouchDB

You'll also need CouchDB (verion 0.11 or newer). Once you have that installed and the tests passing, you can install CouchApp and the blog software.

Install CouchApp

CouchApp makes it easy to edit application that are hosted in CouchDB, by keeping a correspondence between a set of files, and a CouchDB design document. You'll use CouchApp to install Sofa in your CouchDB instance.

sudo easy_install couchapp

CouchApp is a set of utilities for developing standalone CouchDB applications You can learn more about the CouchApp project here. Also, easy_install has an unpleasant bug on OSX, so you might end up having to work from git source.

Setup Admin Access

If you are going to put your blog in public, you'll want to set up an Admin account (screencast).

Install Sofa

git clone git://
cd sofa
couchapp push . http://user:pass@ 

You'll want to edit the HTML and CSS to personalize your site. Don't worry, the markup is pretty basic, so it's easy to rework. Adding new features is just a few lines of JavaScript away.

Anytime you make edits to the on-disk version of Sofa, and want to see them in your browser, just run couchapp push . again. You probably want to setup your .couchapprc file. You should read the CouchApp readme to learn about that.

You can customize the blog title and other stuff in the blog.json file.


Visit your new blog.


Licensed under Apache 2.0: