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[WordPress Plugin] Attachments allows you to simply append any number of items from your WordPress Media Library to Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types
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This is a WordPress plugin. Official download available on


Attachments allows you to simply append any number of items from your WordPress Media Library to Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types


Attachments is a code-focused plugin; there's no configuration UI out of the box. This was an intentional move based on personal preference that offers a number of other benefits, primarily the ability to version control your configuration without having to worry about the database aspect.

Attachments is based on the concept of Instances. An Attachments Instance can be thought of as a meta box on an edit screen. Each Instance can have various attributes that control the file types allowed, the fields for each asset, and the number of assets you're allowed to attach for example. Understanding this is fundamental to understanding the configuration and usage as the name is used both to define each Instance and retrieve it's data. Once you've got your mind around that, implementation should be a breeze.

Attachments UI

Some people prefer an interface whenever possible. To accommodate those developers, Attachments has an extension called Attachments UI. Using this plugin, you don't have to write any code at all to define your Instances, and it even tosses out a customized code snippet tied directly to the Instance you just generated. It's a great way to get up and running very quickly. Further, there's also the option to auto-append your Attachments Instance assets to the_content() using an easy templating language.


There's quite a bit of documentation available. I would suggest checking out the Table of Contents first. The primary segments of documentation are:

Main Screenshot

This is an Attachments Instance on a Post edit screen. The fields are fully customizable and you can have as many Instances as you'd like, anywhere.

Attachments on an edit screen

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