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  • Radical Candor
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Drive
  • Strategic Selling: Identify Economic Buyer. Identify Win-Results. Identify Coach for sale. Can't sell to Even Keel or Overconfident. Only Growth or Problem. Don't bother talking about results that do not support people's wins. The most valuable thing you can give an economic buyer is knowledge to help him predict the future. For economic buyers, you sell the concept. Other buyers, you sell the product.
  • The Fifth Discipline: An introduction to systems thinking (i.e. how to manage middle-number systems effectively).
  • The One Minute Manager
  • The Responsibility Virus: On the costs of avoiding uncomfortable conversations, and how to hold such conversations well.







Programming - Javascript

Programming - Miscellaneous

Psychology - Developmental

  • In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Functional differentiation is the ability to function depending on certain conditions in the environments. Basic differentiation is the ability to function independent of the environmental context. Lack of attunement in the first 3 years of life makes people vulnerable to addiction. Attunement happens when a child feels understood, accepted, mirrored. Bare attention. Counter will: we naturally resist external and internal imposition. Shame destroys motivation.
  • Far From the Tree
  • The Developing Mind: The brain is principally a tool for social navigation. Consequently, the most influential stimulus in the development of a child is the quality of the emotional interaction the child has with adults.
  • The Happiness Hypothesis: Cross-level coherence. Shame. Adversity is essential during teen years, detrimental any other time. Sense making.
  • The Road Less Traveled: On infatuation, love, and the development of ego boundaries.
  • When the Body Says No

Psychology - Mindfulness

Psychology - Miscellaneous

  • Games Criminals Play
  • Give and Take
  • Influence: Defense from reciprocation: distinguish between favor and compliance trick. Defense from consistency: follow my gut; tell person the trick they are employing; ask ourselves if we would do the same thing if we could go back in time.
  • Switch
  • The 48 Laws of Power: What history teaches us about power in human relationships.
  • The Robot's Rebellion: Cognitive dissonance arises from the conflict between the organism and the replicators (genes and memes). Reason is the organism's defense against replicators.


  • Algorithms to Live By
  • Sapiens
  • Better: Once birth became a professional service, natural child birth was replaced with cesarians, since they scale better.
  • Cosmos: War correlates with 2 things: the suppression of sexual behavior among adolescents and the absence of physical affection for the young.
  • Homo Deus
  • Science Matters
  • The Pattern on the Stone: Systems that result from design can be understood by studying the parts. Systems that result from evolution cannot be understood by that method.
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