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This will only document major changes. Please see the commit log for minor changes.
* added support for specifying relationships to restore via instance_model.restore(:include => [:parent_1, :child_1, :child_2]), etc.
* method_missing is no longer overridden on instances provided you declare your custom method_missing *before* specifying the model is_paranoid
* added support for parent_with_destroyed methods
* restoring models now cascades to child dependent => destroy models via Matt Todd
* destroying and restoring records no longer triggers saving/updating callbacks
* removing syntax for calculation require (all find and ActiveRecord calculations are done on-the-fly now via method_missing)
* adding ability to specify alternate fields and values for destroyed objects
* adding in support for _destroyed_only methods (with inspiration from David Krmpotic)
* adding init.rb via David Krmpotic
* adding jewler tasks via Scott Woods
* requiring specific syntax to include calculations
* initial release