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Recipe App

Team: Curtis, Josh, Jeremy, and Kochan


Team Karma-Yogis has created a recipe app that will provide recipe recommendations based on the inventory items you choose to include in your search. The app is built using the Yummly API, Angular js, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, and the Addthis social media plug-in. LocalStorage and Angular factories are also used extensively to simulate back-end services and share information between the controllers. This allows us to use log-ins and store the user inventory/favorite foods. App display an entertaining wait page while the app loads


The app is broken into several components: the navbar, which contains all the navigation and log-in features; the home view, which presents the highest rated recipes starting with the highest rated; the recipe view, which returns recipes based on user search parameters; the user profile/inventory page, which contains the stored user inventory and favorite types of food.


The NavBar is a critical component of the app. It contains the log-in information as well as all the navigation function for the app. It is fully responsive and contains custom art from Josh!!

Home View

The home view shows the highest rated recipes that are pulled from the Yummly API. These are recipes are sorted and displayed in descending order. We placed a star rating over the regular number rating.

Recipe View

The recipe view shows recipes related to either a user search in the search bar or based on inventory items and favorite foods that have been selected on the inventory page. Recipes based on inventory items are displayed on the right side of the recipe page.

Inventory View

The inventory view shows a user profile at the top and the user's inventory at the bottom. The user has the ability to add items to inventory and favorite cuisines to the tables. The items are pushed and stored into local storage and are used to initiate search recommendations.

Recommendation Engine

The application uses the identified/tagged inventory items plus the user's favorite cuisines to come up with a list of recommended recipes.

####Frameworks and APIs

  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • Lobibox (user confirmation modals)
  • Addthis (social media)
  • Please-Wait (display animated message while waiting)
  • Weather API from Open Weather
  • Recipe API from Yummly

####Screen Shots Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text