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// Copyright 2013 John Cinnamond. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package gospec
import (
type Spec struct {
actual interface{}
inverted bool
// An ExpectationError is returned when an expectation fails. It will
// yield a helpful description of the failed expectation.
type ExpectationError struct {
spec *Spec
expected interface{}
func (e *ExpectationError) Error() string {
not := ""
if e.spec.inverted {
not = "not "
return fmt.Sprintf("expected %s%v, got %v", not, e.expected, e.spec.actual)
// Verify sets up a spec and stores the subject to test. Use this with
// an expectation matcher (e.g., `Equals') to check behaviour.
func Verify(actual interface{}) *Spec {
return &Spec{actual: actual}
// DoesNot inverts the sense of an expectation.
func (spec *Spec) DoesNot() *Spec {
spec.inverted = true
return spec
// Equals is the simplest expectation matcher, returning an error
// if expected value does not match the subject passed to `Verify'.
func (spec *Spec) Equals(expected interface{}) (err error) {
failed := spec.actual != expected
if spec.inverted {
failed = !failed
if failed {
err = &ExpectationError{spec, expected}
// Alias for `Equals'.
func (spec *Spec) Equal(expected interface{}) error {
return spec.Equals(expected)
// EqualsWithPrecision allows the comparison of two floats
// to a specified number of decimal places.
func (spec *Spec) EqualsWithPrecision(expected float64, precision int) error {
v, ok := spec.actual.(float64)
if ! ok {
return errors.New((fmt.Sprintf("cannot compare a %T with precision", spec.actual)))
spec.actual = fmt.Sprintf("%0.*f", precision, float64(v))
return spec.Equals(fmt.Sprintf("%0.*f", precision, expected))
// Alias for `EqualsWithPrecision'
func (spec *Spec) EqualWithPrecision(expected float64, precision int) error {
return spec.EqualsWithPrecision(expected, precision)
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