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CT Map/Reduce Tooling


  1. Get the Geo-Mind Lite City GeoIP database (binary)
  2. Grab the most recent Public Suffix List: wget
  3. Install the python dependencies: pip install -r python/requirements.txt
  4. Build the CT-to-Disk scraper: go get


  1. Create a configuration file:
cat > ~/.ct-fetch.conf <<EOF
# Be sure to replace this path to point to where you got this file
geoipDbPath = /path/to/GeoLite2-City.mmdb
# Only accept certificates for Let's Encrypt's intermediates or the ISRG roots
issuerCNList = Let's Encrypt, ISRG
# Update the CT log list as you like, comma-delimited. Not currently tested with more than one log.
logList =
# A path with plenty of disk space
certPath = /ct
# Choose if this should complete when it catches up to the CT logs, or be a daemon
runForever = false

Populating your disk with CT certificates

ct-fetch -config ~/.ct-fetch.conf

Note: Consider using --offset X to start from the Xth log entry. Also, --limit Y will stop after processing Y certificates.

Processing the CT certificates

Generally, you will run Map on each system you're going to use, running on a subset of the CT data, each producing its own intermediate report file. Right now Map assumes a single system, but does use all available cores.

python python/ --path /ct --psl /path/to/effective_tld_names.dat

Obtaining A Day's Results

Once you collect all the intermediate reports, you collate them:

python python/ --expiredate 2017-07-09 --output /ct/reduction-2017-07-09.out --path /ct

Producing Readable Results

To get the final summary data in text form, run with only a single input parameter

python python/ /ct/reduction-2017-07-09.out

Alternatively, to write the summary data to a SQLite DB, process that final summary data this way:

python python/ --today 2017-07-09 --db ~/sqlite.db /ct/reduction-2017-07-09.out