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Jupyter notebook to produce a Siemens Star resolution chat in svg format.
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Siemens Star

The Siemens Star is a radial starburst pattern commonly used to adjust internal focus settings in camera lens and for measuring camera resolution. This notebook produces a Siemens Star test chart in the form in [Scalable Vector Graphics (svg)[( that can be rendered by most modern web browsers. The idea for this notebook was motivated by this post on a forum at Digital Photography Review (DPReview).


This is a Jupyter notebook containing Python functions. An executable version of this notebook is available from the by clicking on the following button. There may be a longish pause as the notebook loads.


To use the notebook after it has been loaded in an executable environment:

  1. First run the code in the following cell. Do this by clicking in the cell to highlight it, then entering 'shift-return' from the keyboard, or clicking on the run button in the toolbar menu (looks like >|), or the 'Cell>Run Cells' menu item.
  2. Execute the second cell below to create the desired chart interactively. The controls adjust the colors and number of spokes displayed in the chart.


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