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Attribute blocks #423

jckarter opened this Issue Oct 16, 2012 · 4 comments

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As suggested by @galchinsky, it would be useful to be able to collect top level definitions with common attributes into a block, to eliminate repetition:

forceinline {
  foo() {}
  bar() {}

[T when Foo?(T)] {
    foo(x:T) {}
    bar(x:T) {}
ghost commented Oct 16, 2012

This had already been proposed and I had considered implementing it a few months ago. However the natural progression lead to nesting of these groups which looked a bit messy. Would you allow attribute/predicate refinement within the proposed blocks?


Arbitrary nesting seems like overkill. Allowing simple refinement seems doable. If a definition in a predicated block has an additional predicate, consider it to have the and of the block's and the definition's predicate. So:

[T when Sequence?(T)] {
    [E when SequenceElementType(T) == E] push(seq:T, elt:E) { ... }

would be equivalent to:

[T, E when Sequence?(T) and SequenceElementType(T) == I]
push(seq:T, elt:E) { ... }

Attribute sets would be unioned. More complex combinations shouldn't be required, because you can always not use blocks if they aren't appropriate.

ghost commented Oct 22, 2012

What about mixing predicates & multiple attributes?

[T when Bar?(T)] inline {

If we're going to allow either predicate or attribute blocks, allowing both together makes sense.

@ghost Unknown referenced this issue Oct 28, 2012

Get rid of overload keyword #410

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