test/lib-clay/cocoa/util fails #488

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stepancheg commented Mar 2, 2013

Error is this:

Failure: compiler error

 Attribute 'byval' does not support unsized types!
   %156 = call %ObjcObject* bitcast (%ObjcObject* (%ObjcObject*, %ObjcMethod*, ...)* @objc_msgSend to %ObjcObject* (%ObjcObject*, %ObjcMethod*, %"Vector[Char]"*, %"x86-64 Char")*)(%ObjcObject* byval %146, %ObjcMethod* %155, %"Vector[Char]"* %54, %"x86-64 Char" { i8 120 })
 Attribute 'byval' does not support unsized types!
   call void bitcast (%ObjcObject* (%ObjcObject*, %ObjcMethod*, ...)* @objc_msgSend to void (%ObjcObject*, %ObjcMethod*, %"Vector[Char]"*)*)(%ObjcObject* byval %156, %ObjcMethod* %234, %"Vector[Char]"* %34)
 Broken module found, compilation aborted!
 Stack dump:
 0. Running pass 'Function Pass Manager' on module '/Users/yozh/devel/left/clay/test/./lib-clay/cocoa/util/test.macosx.clay'.
 1. Running pass 'Module Verifier' on function '@"__operators__.call(Static[<lambda /Users/yozh/devel/left/clay/test/./lib-clay/cocoa/util/test.macosx.clay(312,35)>]) clay"'
 signal 4!

jckarter commented Mar 2, 2013

Looks like a bug in externals.cpp—ObjcObject shouldn't be passed byval. It could be that the byval attribute is intended for the Vector argument but it calculates the attribute index incorrectly.

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