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Tiana Wang: Lifescapes in Time

This is a virtual art exhibition by Tiana Wang. It was designed and written by Jack Adam.

The exhibition opened on May 1, 2020 amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the US, and at the end of a remotely-conducted spring semester. At a time when our peers and colleagues were spread across the globe, and the digital capacity of our university was stretched, the exhibition proposal was threefold:

  1. The exhibition will be globalized. It will change with the sun, and viewers across the globe will experience its content according to the time of day.

  2. The exhibition will be customizable. As to how content is experienced, several choices will be presented without hierarchy.

  3. The exhibition will not (only) be an exhibition. It will be a living catalogue, a tool for sorting media, a testament to the times, and a chance to come together, albeit virtually.

One day, the enclosed images, sounds, and stories of traveling will not seem so distant a reality. Maybe then, the Ezra Stiles Art Gallery will be able to reopen its rickety doors! For now, it is my pleasure to present Tiana Wang: Lifescapes in Time.

J.A., Apr. 2020

Live Gallery

The live gallery presents 180 images in two segments: 6am–10pm & 10pm–6am.

It updates every 8 minutes according to the countdown clock.

The first part contains photos taken during the day, and the second part contains those taken at night.

Full Exhibition

The full exhibition presents 180 images in nine pages.

'6:00am', '2:00pm', '4:40pm', '7:20pm', and '12:40am' include audio files. '2:00pm' also contains Tiana's poem At Oxenholme Railway Station.

The first six pages contain photos taken during the day, and the last three contain those taken at night.


The archive presents 180 images in two sections.

The top section contains photos taken in England, and the bottom section contains those taken in China.

Both sections can be queried individually using a set of tags.

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