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Basic Character Set


Designed by Jack Halten Fahnestock
Initially released on 4 April 2019 on Velvetyne Type Foundry
Licensed under SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1

Family Styles

5x3 0–300

Comes as a variable font with a size axis to modify dot size from 0—300, 
as well as 15 separate instances (each increasing the dot size by 20 units).

* Future releases will include more widths and more variable axes. *

Character Set

1300+ glyphs

Only Latin-based languages for now but a lot of ’em
Various styles (see section below)
Extensive punctuation including case-sensitive forms
superscript numbers, (unicase) letters, and some punctuation
Small caps (unicase)
Math characters including fractions
Proportional, oldstyle, and tabular figures
Roman numerals
Arrows for days
Miscellaneous symbols

Stylistic Sets

Stylistic Set 01: (Mono/duo)spaced forms (kerning must also be disabled)
Stylistic Set 02: (A/de)scenders
Stylistic Set 03: Wider capitals
Stylistic Set 04: Boxy forms
Stylistic Set 05: Open counters
Stylistic Set 06: Shorter diacritic characters (experimental!)

The stylistic sets can be chained together so, for example, a wider, 
boxy C with open counters is available.

Drawing Quality

As good as it's gonna get. Every glyph ultimately inherits from a single component.

Tracking & Kerning

Very good.

Users can aslo easily apply additional kerning in increments of +−100 to 
achieve grid-perfect layouts.

Grid-Perfect Leading

Divide Adobe's auto leading in half for one dot size between lines or refer 
to the leading formula and table below for more specific adjustment.

Leading Formula:
x = font size
y = desired number of dot spaces between lines
leading = x ÷ 10 × (y + 5)
Font Size Leading (0 dots) Leading (1 dot) Leading (2 dots) Leading (3 dots) Leading (4 dots)
12pt 6pt 7.2pt 8.4pt 9.6pt 10.8pt
14pt 7pt 8.4pt 9.8pt 11.2pt 12.6pt
18pt 9pt 10.8pt 12.6pt 14.4pt 16.2pt
21pt 10.5pt 12.6pt 14.7pt 16.8pt 18.9pt
24pt 12pt 14.4pt 16.8pt 19.2pt 21.6pt
36pt 18pt 21.6pt 25.2pt 28.8pt 32.4pt
48pt 24pt 28.8pt 33.6pt 38.4pt 43.2pt
60pt 30pt 36pt 42pt 48pt 54pt
72pt 36pt 43.2pt 50.4pt 57.6pt 64.8pt


Autohinted w/ no plan to go manual.



Support the development of these fonts via PayPal (jckfa), Venmo (@jckfa), or Cash ($jckfa), especially if you're profiting from them. Thank you!

Suggested amounts for commercial use:

1–3 Users.....$25
4–7 Users.....$50
8–12 Users....$75
13–18 Users...$100
19–25 Users...$125

Share In Use!

If you use any of these fonts out in the world I want to know! Please get in touch via email ( or on Instagram or Twitter. Thank you!


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