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ROS package to connect a VRMagic USB camera into the ROS ecosystem.


In general, you need to install the VRmUsbCam DevKit found on the VRMagic homepage. The installation guide can be found in the extracted archive in the README.

Manual install

As some problems occured while installing the DevKit side by side with ROS Jade, the following is a solution on how to circumvent problems with a conflicting Boost version. Try to install it according to the README first, as that is much less hacky.

Append the following line to the file /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb precise contrib

Then install the following packages

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vrmagic-linux-pc-camera-runtime 

Then, you either have to extract the lib and include folder from the vrmagic-linux-pc-camera-sdk (deb is just a zip archive) or install the deb I built. Problem was that the Camera SDK the vendor offers has dependencies to a version of Boost which is not compatible with my version of ROS. Therefore, one has to manually copy header and library to somewhere where CMake can find it, or use the package I built which can be installed side-by-side with ROS. Just leave me a mail and I hand it over. I do not want to check it in version control due to license issues. I asked the VRMagic support to publish a seperate development package without the Boost requirement, and wait for an answer. I do not tested my repackaged deb thourougly, so install it on your own risk. It worked for me. No warranty.

Running demo

There is a launch file in the launch directory. It starts the node, opens the camera, and publishes images. You can start it with

roslaunch vrmagic_camera camera.launch

from the catkin_ws root folder. This file also can be used to alter some parameters, like the port numbers of the attached sensors. The images published can be checked with the ros imageview package. Just either run one of

rosrun image_view image_view image:=/vrmagic/left/image_raw
rosrun image_view image_view image:=/vrmagic/right/image_raw

for the left or right image. You maybe have to include the namespace of your ROS core, depending on the configuration. If you do not find the correct topic name, just look at the published topics with tools like rqt.


This camera driver supports the standard ROS calibration methods. The calibration is currently stored under calibration in the package itself.

Stereo proc

In order to run the stereo image processing node, just run

ROS_NAMESPACE=vrmagic rosrun stereo_image_proc stereo_image_proc

after (assumed the default namespace of the vrmagic node). It then publishes the rectified images under /vrmagic/{left,right}/image_rect. You have to have the camera calibrated first. With the stereo proc node running, you can enjoy the stereo view with the image_view package. To display both rectified cameras and the disparity image, run

rosrun image_view stereo_view stereo:=/vrmagic image:=image_rect


To set properties like gain, exposure, et al. use CamLab, the GUI which comes with the VRMagic SDK. Set it once, save the properties on the camera, calibrate and then you can use that configuration without needing to change anything.


ROS package to connect a VRMagic USB camera into the ROS ecosystem.



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