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jckpn committed Aug 20, 2019
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@@ -13,16 +13,22 @@ Say you wanted to add the translation for "All apps" in German, as you noticed i
1. Open `translations/german.dart`
2. Ctrl+F to find the line which handles translation for "All apps":

`if (text == "All apps") return text;`
case "All apps":
return text;

3. `return text` indicates the translation is missing. To add your new translation, replace `text` with the correct translation in quotation marks (`""`):

`if (text == "All apps") return "Alle Apps";`
case "All apps":
return "Alle Apps";

4. Then just submit a pull request with your changes to the GitHub repo.

# Thanks

Thank you for your help -- any and all contributions are greatly appreciated!

~ jckpn
`- jckpn`

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