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Cut down size of the returned object (remove the [html] and [parser],…
… the biggest vars). The whole of HN should take up about 2-3 GB. Planing on creating a json/xml/rdf dump of HN. Buped version!


rewrote the determine type, because I noticed it didn't work on job p…
…ostings and discussions that are older than 2 months (the reply form disapears)


Added voting_on property on poll. All properties finished.
Now I need to do some testing and write sth to put HN into a DB!


Put boiletplate code for extrcting attrs in private functions


added more Entity fields, had an annoying bug with the encoding of th…
…e HTML. Added first exception-class. Added find method to HN2JSON:Module


added basic structure, it know how to find the type of sth
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