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A medium inspired Jekyll blog theme. I made few changes to the Jekyll theme Mediator witch itself is inspired from the Ghost theme Readium 2.0. See it live here : http://pick.jclagache.me


  • Fully Responsive layout
  • Use header images in articles, if you want to (add tag "image" and url to the image in the front matter section of a post)
  • Minimal design
  • Featured article support
  • FontAwesome implemented for easy use of icons fonts
  • Free & Open Source Font usage

Getting Started

You should have a server up and running locally at http://localhost:4000.


The main settings happen in side of the _config.yml file:


Main settings for the site

  • title: name of your site

  • description: description of your site

  • logo: small logo for the site

  • cover: bottom post page background image

  • name: name site owner

  • email: mail address of the site owner

  • author: author name

  • author_image: small image of author (300x * 300px)

  • baseurl: the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog/

  • url: the base hostname & protocol for your site


The template allows to add all major social plattforms to your site. Fill the the form for each plattform. If you leave the share_* entries empty, the sharing buttons below a post are not shown.

  • icon: name of social plattform (must match a name of font-awsome icon set )
  • url: url of your account
  • desc: slogan of the plattform
  • share_url: share url
  • share_title: first part of url for the title
  • share_link: second part of the share url for the link to the post

The Liquid template engine will magical combine the different parts to a share url.


See _config.yml for more examples.


MIT with no added caveats, so feel free to use this on your site without linking back to me or using a disclaimer or anything silly like that.