EdgeCommons is a library for common tasks in Adobe Edge. By Simon Widjaja.
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EdgeCommons by Simon Widjaja

We love Adobe Edge Animate. This library extends Edge Animate and enables some cool features ;) Join us!

Current realease: 0.7.1 (more info in changelog in documentation)

What is EdgeCommons?

EdgeCommons is a library for common tasks in Adobe Edge Animate by Simon Widjaja and friends.

Quickstart Guide

Put this line in the compositionReady event of your Edge Animate composition and you are ready to go:

yepnope({load: "http://simonwidjaja.github.com/EdgeCommons/live/EdgeCommons-0.7.1.js"});

Is there a documentation?

Yes: Link (work in progress)

Features so far: (more to come)

  • Advanced Logging (different levels, log group and additional log targets)
  • Configuration (external or internal Configuration layer)
  • Script Loader (JavaScript and CSS with simple callback)
  • Sound (integration of CreateJS/SoundJS by Grant Skinner)
  • Adaptive Layouts (Different Layouts for different Sizes)
  • Data Injection (inject Data from HTML into the Edge composition)
  • Drupal and Wordpress modules to load Edge Animate compositions and inject data easily (by Timm Jansen)
  • We've got plenty more in the pipeline ;)


Do you have cool extension ideas? You are welcome to join us!


Released under MIT license (open source) Link

Happy Coding,

Simon Widjaja and friends