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Capture the chicken is a gametype for the free fps Warsow.

This gametype is coded in Angelscript, a scripting language
used by Warsow since version 0.5 to allow easy game extensions.

In Capture the chicken, two teams fight against each other to possess
the chicken: the team possessing the chicken will earn one point every three
seconds. Of course, when the chicken carrier dies, he drops the chicken on the
floor. It is also possible to pass the chicken to any of your team member.


The Angelscript code is located in the 'progs' directory. The other directories
contain media files for the gametype.
If you want to add new sounds, you MUST set the sampling rate of your .ogg files to 44.1 KHz !
Too check if your files are ok, you can run :
$ mediainfo *.ogg | grep -E '(Sampling rate)|(Complete name)'


Just copy all the files to your basewsw directory. You can also use the
Makefile to create a pure pk3 (this pk3 will be automatically downloaded to
connecting clients if the server running the gametype has set the sv_pure variable
to 1).