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v0.0.27 - (2018-03-22)


  • general/locco/interface:

    • use is a new option in an interface declaration. It allows you to pass values/objects to the interface through the bin/props property that will not be overriden by any data passed to the interface. Use this use option instead of defaults when you do not want your default values defined for the interface to be overriden (defaults values are overriden when values with the same name are submited to the interface).
  • server/reserve:

    • space now gives access to a DB service that allows you to open an other database than the default one. It is accessible through the Interface's render's this object:
  • You can now define extensions in a chocolatejs project. Extensions can provide a default behavior for a part of your app, like User's management...

    Use the extensions option data/app.config.json to declare one ore more extensions :

     "extensions": {
         "mymodule": "virtual_folder"

    A package named mymodule and installed in app's node_modules folder with optional client, general, server, static folders will be used as an extention to the current app folder.

    So modules and files placed in this package will be accessible with an url starting with the virtual_folder value. virtual_folder can be empty.

    When in an Interface render service, constants defined in an extension name my_extension will be available in

  • You can now define Master Interfaces to provide a default behavior for you web pages. When you call a page that is provided by an Interface, this Interface will be sent first to a Master Interface that will insert this Interface in its default behaviour.

Use masterInterfaces option in data/app.config.json to define one or more master Interface

`masterInterfaces` is defined by:

 - `directory`: optional string or array of strings defining the web directory(ies) on which to use the `master interface` service. If not provided, the `master interface` will be used for every web page in your web site.
 - `extension`: optional string giving the name of the `extension` in which the `master interface` is defined. If not provided, `chocolate` will look for the `master interface` in your app folders.
 - `where`: string heading to the module where the `master interface` is defined (in an `extension` or in your app)
 - `what`: string giving the name of the function in the `master interface` module to be called to render the `master interface`
 - `prop`: string giving the name used by the `master interface` function to designate the provided `interface` (that has to be encapsulated)

    "masterInterfaces": [
            "directory": "admin",
            "extension": "users",
            "where": "server/admin/common",
            "what": "document",
            "prop": "content"
  • service
    • will now convert .scss Sass files present in client folder to .css in static folder.
    • when designing an extension, monitor will look in extension's client and general folder to convert .coffee, .ck or .scss files or to build Javascript bundles to the extension's static folder.


  • general/latedb:
    • you can now query a non-existing table and receive an empty array as a result
  • general/chocokup:
    • now, you can unregister all registered kups all at once by calling Chocokup.unregister with no parameter
  • updated node-inspector to v1.1.2
  • added node-sass v4.7.2 as a dependency


  • server/studio: small bug in display_opened_files_list that would produce a wrong path in folder's link
  • general/latedb:
    • was not able to query an existing but empty table
    • was crashing on startup when an empty foregn key was foundin a table
  • general/coffeekup: internal stringify function was not handling correctly object's key values. now it puts quotes around object's key values
  • general/locco/interface: respond in getSelf now references reaction correctly. This is usefull if the interface has a steps service that wants to return a response

v0.0.26 - (2017-10-10)


  • studio:
    • you can now open and execute a module in another tab window by pressing the ↗ button (next to the close button)
    • a module's tab, that was opened from studio, will be automatically reloaded every time a file is saved from the studio's editor
    • you can now start and stop the debugger directly from the UI using the ▣ button!


  • general/latedb:

    • Table's list now returns an alphabetically ordered list

    • db.tables.get: you can now get a line in a table by its primary key (usually an id)

         line = db.tables.get 'table_name', id
  • general/coffeekup:

    • id.ids service now has an optional db parameter, if you need to share an ids collection between separate interfaces
  • general/loco/interface:

    • Interface.submit transmit service now allows to pass some more data to add to the Interface's props

    • render function, in Interface objects, can transmit the request it received to another Interface or Interface.Web render function:

         render : ->
             @transmit module, 'function_name', optional_props


         render : ->
             @transmit function, optional_props
  • server/monitor:

    • you can now specify a group to run the process with. if you specify a user but no group then the user will also be used as a group
    • the debugger is now started using the same protocol than the app (https or http depending on the http_only option available in app.config.json)

    • wrap mode and invisible characters buttons moved on the toolbar
    • main studio panel is now blurred when you are logged off
  • updated formidable to v1.0.17


  • general/locco/interface: fixed sub-sub-interfaces that where not properly declared if used in many places
  • client/litejq: Ajax header was missing 'x-requested-with':'XMLHttpRequest'
  • server/workflow: compressed response was only working with string or buffer response. Now response is converted to string if response isn't string or Buffer.
  • general/chocokup: in render, this.params.props was not deleted and thus always transfered to sub kups
  • server/interface: upload using Formidable had a bug and was not compatible with Node's new versions

v0.0.25 - (2017-09-08)


  • added relational-like services in lateDB, with insert, join and query capabilities

     db.tables.create 'colors'
     db.tables.insert 'colors', id:1, name:'white'
     db.tables.insert 'colors', id:2, name:'black'
     db.tables.create 'brands'
     db.tables.insert 'brands', id:1, name:'Mercedes'
     db.tables.create 'cars'
     db.tables.insert 'cars', id:1, name:'SLK 200', color_id:1, brand_id:1
     db.tables.insert 'cars', id:2, name:'SL 600', color_id:2, brand_id:1
     lines = db.tables.query
         select: 'cars.brands(*)'
     lines = db.tables.query 'Car',
         filter: (line, keys, tableName) -> 
   'SL') isnt 0
  • added basic gzip compression support ("compression": true, in app.config.json file) on https(s) responses for text/plain, text/html, text/javascript and application/json requests accepting gzip response


  • updated LateDB section in

  • updated Locco Interface section in

  • in general/latedb:

    • the load function is made synchronous so that data is made available immediately

    • added an alternative update usage to copy an object in the database

             'key 1': 'data 1'
             'key 2': 'data 2'
             , (data) -> for k,v of data then @[k] = v
  • in server\reserve:

    • breaking changes in usage that provide lateDB's services through reserve's services
    • a constants service is now available as a space property
      • this service requires a data/constant js or coffee file that returns an object
  • in general/locco/interface:

    • client-side Interface.Web actor's property initialized to main actor when this interface does not already belong to an actor
    • space is a new property available in Interface's this object alognside bin/props, that gives access space's lateDB services (db and constants)
  • in general/chocodash: _.prototype service now accepts use an object instead of a function to add some definitions in the prototype

  • in server/monitor set process.env.HOME = @appdir ; process.env.USER = @user if an user is specified when starting the app (--user)

  • in client/litejq, default datatype for $.get is now guess that will accept xml, json, script, text, html

  • updated coffee-script to 1.12.6

  • updated back ws to 0.8.1

  • breaking changes in server/reserve usage

  • removed sqlite3 from Chocolate's dependencies


  • in server/monitor: build_lib_package was not working anymore due to a recent change in normalize impacting readDirDownSync
  • in general/locco/interface: props and keys were lost in sub-interfaces but bin was not lost
  • in server/file :
  • moveFile was normalizing destination path before giving it to writeToFile
  • convert to string results returned by the grep command as it may be Buffer instead of String

v0.0.24 - (2017-05-17)


  • chocolatejs can now handle proxying websockets


  • better console.log redirection if using log.inFile parameter in data/app.config.json config file
  • updated with LateDB section
  • updated microtime to 2.1.3
  • updated ws to 2.3.1


  • in general/interface, the review method was missing the actor property in its this context
  • in server/workflow, an empty json string result was not handled correctly

v0.0.23 - (2017-05-07)


  • added general/lateDB: a very simple database system.

    lateDB provides you an in-memory javascript space that you can modify with an update method

         db.update('key': { op: func, data: some_data });

    i.e. (in Coffeescript):

         db.update 'result':
             op: (data) -> (@log ?= []).push data
             data: "done"

    or in Javascript:

           'result': {
             op: function(data) {
               return (this.log != null ? this.log : this.log = []).push(data);
             data: "done"

    will store in the database


    result is the key parameter which defines a section/table/bucket name, in which you want to store some data It contains an op field which provides a function to execute on this location, and a data field which should contain the data to provide to the op function.

    What the update service do is that it records the op method and the data provided in a log.db file which will be reloaded and executed next time your app will be restarted.

    Your op and data should rather not produce object oriented data (using the prototyping chain), unless those objets provides a stringify method which should write a javascript code in the log.db file that will re-create the oject.

    And voilà, that's bascially all...

  • in server/interface:

    • the __ context parameter sent to invoked module services now contains:
      • a websocket that can be used to send some message to the client when a websocket connection has been established (i.e. when locco Workspace is running client-side)
      • a console object with a log method that will route the log message to the default console and to the client through the websocket that may be present in the context object


  • in locco/chocodash:

  • _.cell and _.observe are added as functional equivalent to object oriented _.Signal and _.Observer

  • removed helpers option from _.Signal service

  • _.stringify

    • has now 3 optional modes:
      • json : returns a JSON stringification
      • js : (which is default mode) returns a javascript string to recreate the given object
      • full : same as js mode, but treats Array objects as full object and stringifies values by keys instead of by indexes
    • has a write option to define a function that will receive every chunk of string generated during the stringify operation,
      It can be used to store those string to a file or the send them to a stream. By default it should return the given string.
    • has a strict option to tell wether _.stringify accepts a user typed object. If not it throws an error.
  • in server/studio:

  • list of opened files is now saved in localStorage. Those files are reload automaticaly next tile studio is opened

  • in opened files panel, you can now click on directory entries to go directly there

  • the login toggle button will now display a yellow color when the app is restarting

  • the darktheme is now more grey and not brown anymore.

  • a * symbol is now also added to the file name displayed in the editor's file selector when the file was modified

  • in server/monitor:

  • the restart service now throttle the requests to 1 per second to avoid unnecessary restarts when few files are generated/rebuilt on a save


  • in server/studio

  • errors were not properly displayed in lab execution panel

  • Specolate service was crashing when an error was occuring in server side tested code due to a relative pathname of the tested file

  • in general/chocokup

  • a box, panel, header or footer followed by a string was not displaying that string in the produced html

  • in server/workflow, better management of region to define a system command

  • in server/file, reorganized code, normalize, resolve and region management (system and app)

  • in general/newnotes, put needed resource files for present service, inside /static/vendor/slides

v0.0.22 - (2017-03-07)


  • in data/app.config.json, log parameters are added :
    • inFile (true or false) tells Chcolate to redirect log functions output to data/chocolate.log file

    • timestamp (true or false) tells Chcolate to add a timestamp to every Console output

        "log": {
            "inFile": true,
            "timestamp": true
    • rewrite an array of rewrite rules :

      rule: a regular expression
      replace: a string to replace what will be found by the regular expression

        "rewrite": [
            {"rule": "/(.+)_(.+)_(.+)_(.+)", "replace":"/?Library=$1&Book=$2&Chapter=$3&Verse=$4"}


  • in app.config.json's proxy section, you can now specify:

  • a domain port redirection

        "proxy": {
            "lestencrypt": true,
            "redirect": {
                "": ""

    will redirect requests to port

  • a domain for the proxy service itself:

        "proxy": {
            "lestencrypt": true,
            "proxy_domain": {
  • to log proxy events:

        "proxy": {
            "log": true,
  • in server/monitor, you can now specify a user to run your monitor and app processes.

     coffee monitor --user myappuser 

    NOTE: this will only work if you start server/monitor with a privileged account

  • in server/interface:

    • now provides the HTTP response object to the called service in the __ context parameter
    • does not return anymore the props property as an alias to the bin property in Interface.Reaction response to a web request, which was an unnecessary duplicate. When using an Interface.Actor clientside, it puts back the props property as an alias to the bin property.
  • in server/studio, does not give results from node_modules subdirectories anymore

  • in data/app.config.json thedisplay_errors parameter is renamed displayErrors

  • http-proxy node-module upgraded to v1.16.2

  • logConsoleAndErrors does not have a timestamp parameter anymore as it is managed by theapp.config.json timestamp parameter


  • in server/studio, search/grep service was somehow broken
  • in server/workflow,
  • send a response when a proxy error occurs and don't create unnecessary proxy handlers
  • http redirection to https now includes the requested url
  • in server/file logConsoleAndErrors service was broken. It should work now. unlogConsoleAndErrors was added.

v0.0.21 - (2017-02-02)


  • in data/app.config.json: display_errors parameter tells Chocolate to display errors (or not) on the rendered web page


  • in locco/interface's Interface.Web :

  • introducing Interface.Web.Global objets that will be automatically copied from one props/bin to sub-interface's bin

  • only Interface.Web and Interface.Web.Global objects are copied from one props/bin to sub-interface's bin

  • in server/interface:

  • don't add missing html/body tags in response if request is an Ajax call (headers['x-requested-with'] is 'XMLHttpRequest')

  • add what in context passed to invoked module service

  • in server/workflow: Session::addKey and Session::removeKey were added to allow you to add or remove access keys from the Session's keychain


  • in server/interface's cook service, we now trim cookies' key and value in case the client put spaces there
  • in general/chocodash's clone service, don't return the original object if only one parameter is provided (target object to receive cloned values not provided), but return the cloned object as expected

v0.0.20-1 - (2016-11-28)


  • Added Javascript code execution and Javascript to Coffeescript conversion services in the Lab panels (thanks to js2coffee.js library)

  • Added Html code rendering and Html to Coffekup/Chocokup conversion services in the Lab panels (thanks to library)

  • locco protocol and Interface allows a redirect url to be specified and used to generate an HTTP 303 response

     service = new Interface
         check -> ...        # if the `check` function returns false 
         redirect: 'login'   # the interface will return an HTTP 303 redirect to the `login` page
  • service now allows you to define Javascript bundles to be build when source files are saved.
    If you have some client side Coffeescript/Javascript files (in Client or General folders) with the same prefix (or in the same subfolder), they can be bundled in the same file.

    In the app.config.json file, add a build:{bundles:[]} section, with the following parameters:

     filename: the name for the output bundle file
     prefix: the prefix used in (or the path to) every file to put in the bundle
     known_files: an array of files' path, that have to be put in that precise order in the bundle
     with_modules: true or false, to put in the bundle the necessary code to make those files required by the Chocolate's require service
     "build": {
         "bundles": [
                 "filename": "locco.js",
                 "prefix": "locco",
                 "known_files": {
                     "locco/intention.js": true,
                     "locco/data.js": true,
                     "locco/action.js": true,
                     "locco/document.js": true,
                     "locco/workflow.js": true,
                     "locco/interface.js": true,
                     "locco/actor.js": true,
                     "locco/reserve.js": true,
                     "locco/prototype.js": true
                 "with_modules": true


  • this and bin available in Locco/Interface's defaults and check functions


  • Chocodown does not insert unnecessary <p> tag anymore when it translates Chocokup block (<<<) or Coffeescript block ({{{)

v0.0.19 - (2016-10-06)


  • letsencrypt renewal service now works automaticaly

  • Single Page Application can be easily created using locco/actor

Create a new service, in which you will define a function that will return an actor that can work both client and server sides :

        MyService = ->
            _ = require 'chocolate/general/chocodash'
            Interface = require 'chocolate/general/locco/interface'
            Actor = require 'chocolate/general/locco/actor'
            _.prototype inherit:Actor.Web,                   # make your service inherit from Actor.Web
                ping: new Interface.Remote -> "pong"         # use Interface.Remote to have your interface work client and server side 
                login: new Interface.Remote -> @transmit @actor.users, 'login' # in the Interface render code you can use @transmit to delegate the interface handling to another Actor's interface
                main: new Interface.Web.Html ->              # your actor's interface called main will be used as the default interface
                    # ...
                    # my css and html code written using Chocokup
                    # ...
                    coffeescript: ->
                        # send a message server side when the login button is clicked
                        $("#loginButtonId").on "click", (e) ->
                            loginInfos = login:$("#login").val(), pwd:$("#password").val()
                            self.login.submit(login_infos).subscribe (result) ->
                                {name} = result.props
                                if name?
                                    # ...

Then the server side only services:

        Users = _.prototype inherit:Actor,
            constructor: ->
                # @usersDb = ... whatever method you want to store your users' data
            login: new Interface ->
                {login, pwd} = @props
                # user = @actor.usersDb.get login, pwd
                # ...
            logged: new Interface ->
                # ...

Then the server main interface:

        module.exports = _.prototype inherit: _.prototyper(MyService),
            constructor: ->
                @options = 
                    filename: __filename     # required to have the page's manifest file being managed automatialy
                    name: 'My Service'           # the title displayed by the client window
                    script: """
                                             # whatever client scripts needed...
                    stylesheet: """
                                             # whatever css files needed...
                @users = new Users


  • can now serve .pdf files in static folder

  • in locco/interface, data given to an interface service, like the render function, is accessible through an object named bin.

    Now, you can use props as a synonym to bin

       myService = new Interface.Web
           defaults: ->
               title: 'home'
           render: ->
               div this.props.title


       myService = new Interface.Web { title: 'home' }, -> div @props.title

    or it is still possible to use bin

       myService = new Interface.Web { title: 'home' }, -> div @bin.title

    The data returned by the Interface also has now a props property that can be used as a synonym to bin

       myInterface.submit(params).subscribe (result) ->
           {name} = result.props


  • in chocokup/coffeekup: a markup with an attribute starting with a point (like style '.mycssclass {color:white}' was wrongly interpreted as an html class id
  • in package.json: works with letsencrypt module version 1.4.4 only
  • in chocodash: Publisher with no subscriber will save notified values until a reporter has subscribed

v0.0.18 - (2016-06-21)


  • add .chocokup files support
  • Chocokup files are html files written with a Coffeescript syntax
  • Using Code and Doc panel side-by-side you can design Html page easily
  • When you save a .chocokup file in the client folder, it is immediately converted to an html file in the static/lib folder


  • text written in Coffeescript or Chocodown Lab panels are saved in local storage, so you can get them back on page reload
  • updated Ace to package April.16.2016


  • in when a tag has only one attribute and this attributes starts with a dot then it is correctly interpreted as a css class declaration

    i '.icon' is now correctly translated to <i class="icon"> instead of <i>.icon</i>

v0.0.17 - (2016-06-08)


  • Free SSL certificate generation using letsencrypt service!

  • configure in data/app.config.json:

        "letsencrypt": {
            "domains": [ "" ],
            "email": "",
            "agreeTos": true,
            "production": true,
  • put false in production parameter to test certificate generation

  • generated certificate should appear in data/letsencrypt/live/yourdomain folder

  • your certificate will be renewed and the app restarted, automatically after approximately 90 days

  • you can put many domains in the same certificate "domains": [ "", "", "" ]

  • you have to explicitly add an entry with yourdomain prefixed with www if you want to support it

    "domains": [ "", "" ]

  • Reverse proxy simple service

  • configure in data/app.config.json:

        "proxy": ['', '', '']
  • Chocolate will forward request for those domains to local processes/apps awaiting requests on your proxy app port + 10
    so if your proxy app is on 8026 port then will be on 8036, will be on 8046...

  • if you also use Chocolate's letsencrypt feature, you only have to set:

        "proxy": true

    and Chocolate will use the domains defined in

        "letsencrypt": {
            "domains": [ "" ],


  • in data/app.config.json :

  • port_https and port_https can be defined in data/app.config.json and will be used if present when starting the app

  • When port_https and port_https are not defined in config file but port is then port will be used as port for https and port+1 for http

  • in server.file:

  • logConsoleAndErrors now add a timestamp on every log entry in chocolate.log

v0.0.16 - (2016-05-31)


  • server/config module is added to manage config files, instead of being defined the data/ file.

  • Configuration will now be done inside data/app.config.json file

  • When Chocolate finds a data/ file it copies it's content in data/app.config.json if the keys are not already existing ther.

  • So after running once, you can safely remove the data/ file or only parts of it, if it's better for you.

  • If you keep data/ alongside the new data/app.config.json, then configurations done in data/app.config.json will be overridden by those done in data/

  • as the config module is available in __ params of locco/interface service, you can not anymore directly access config key/values, but you will have to use the get method of the config object

            myservice = new Interface ({__}) -> 
                configValue = __.config.get 'configKey'


  • in locco/interface:

  • this in check and locks function is now defined to {bin, document:@document, 'interface':@}

  • in server/document:

  • add throttle option in Cache and Structure class to define time to wait between successive hibernate calls

  • add reload method in Cache class to reload the cache from file

  • add save method in Cache class to put save the cache to file

  • add clone method in Cache class to clone an object from the cache

  • add set method in Cache class to put a new value to cache and immediately hibernate the cache

  • add update method to allow the update of many keys at once syncing from an optional external store and saving updates on file immediately

  • in general/chocodash:

  • add _.Cuid generator from Eric Elliott

  • allow _.throttle to receive no options parameter, _.throttle -> #do something max once a second

  • in general/coffeekup:

  • coffeekup id generator replaced by the Cuid generator from Eric Elliott

  • in server/interface:

    • access to the client, general and server folders is now restricted
      • as a standard user you can only call functions called interface in modules of those folders
      • other functions defined in modules of those folders are accessible only from other modules on the server
      • a user with the sofkey can access every function in those modules
  • in server/monitor:

  • now also restarts the app when a file with suffix .config.json is modified

  • in data/config or now in data/app.config.json, if you add a default page handler to which redirect unkonwn pages, you have to use an Array and not a Function to pass value as a key index:

         exports.defaultExchange = where:'demo', what:'showme', params: name: -> 0
         exports.defaultExchange = where:'demo', what:'showme', params: name: [0]
    • where: module name you want to call for every unknown page
    • what: function name in the module do call (if omitted the module itself will be called)
    • params: params to pass to the function. If the param value is an array, then the value(s) in the array will be used as key index(es) to the original params. 0 is the page path and 1...N are the querystring parameters' value


  • in locco/interface:

  • TypeError: Object true has no method 'call' in Interface.Web.submit

  • in server/document:

  • bug in asynchronous hibernate (typo)

  • in general/coffeekup:

  • attributes with undefined, null and false values are not rendered anymore

  • in server/file:

  • logConsoleAndErrors now works better on consecutive calls to console functions like console.log

v0.0.15 - (2016-05-18)


  • in server/studio:

  • new snippets availble for Locco and Chocodash:

        # Require Locco Interface
        snippet locco_require_interface
        # Locco full Interface
        snippet locco_interface_full
        # Locco full Interface.Web.Html
        snippet locco_interface_html_full
        # Locco standard Interface.Web.Html
        snippet locco_interface_html_standard
        # Locco minimal Interface.Web.Html
        snippet locco_interface_html_minimal
        # Chocodash require
        snippet require_chocodash
        # Chocodash async or flow
        snippet chocodash_async_or_flow
  • you can add user defined snippets in data/

            # New Service Page
            snippet service_page
            \tInterface = require 'chocolate/general/locco/interface'
            \tmodule.exports = new Interface.Web.Html
            \t\tdefaults: ->
            \t\trender: ->
  • in data/config, you can add a default page handler to which redirect unkonwn pages

         exports.defaultExchange = where:'demo', what:'showme', params: name: -> 0
    • where: module name you want to call for every unknown page
    • what: function name in the module do call (if omitted the module itself will be called)
    • params: params to pass to the function. If the param value is a function, then the returned value will be used as a key index to the original params. 0 is the page path and 1...N are the querystring parameters' value


  • in server/interface:

  • you can now directly export an Interface.Web object in a file module without the 'interface' attribute

        Interface = require 'chocolate/general/locco/interface'
        module.exports = 
            new Interface.Web -> div 'Hello'
    instead of 
        Interface = require 'chocolate/general/locco/interface'
        exports.interface = 
            new Interface.Web -> div 'Hello'
  • config module available in __ params of locco/interface service

  • in locco/interface:

  • 'render' replaces 'action' in interface definition. 'action' stays available as a 'render' synonym

        html = new Interface.Web.Html
            action: ->
                div 'Hello World'
    is equivalent to the new preferred syntax:
        html = new Interface.Web.Html
            render: ->
                div 'Hello World'
  • 'check' replaces 'values' in interface definition. 'values' is not supported anymore

  • bin content becomes available in 'render' function arguments:

        demo = new Interface
            render: ->
                {who, where} = @bin
        demo = new Interface
            render: (bin) ->
                {who, where} = bin
        demo = new Interface
            render: ({who, where}) ->
        demo = new Interface ({who, where}) ->
  • 'defaults' can be passed as a param to an interface definition

        html = new Interface.Web.Html {menu}, -> menu()
  • Interface.Web code rewritten to manage naming collision in different module

  • in Interface.Web render function, this.keys is an array with the names of the values copied in this.bin

  • in locco/chocodash:

    • added _.clone function to enable object deep copy


  • in locco/interface
    • review is done properly on Web interfaces just before de render function is called and not globally at begining
    • make available __ context in bin arguments of sub interfaces
    • make available locals (like _ and Chocokup) as local variable of sub interfaces

v0.0.14 - (2016-05-09)


  • added debug mode using node-inspector (add exports.debug = true in data/ then connect to http://myserver:8081/debug?ws=myserver:8081&port=5858
  •, workflow.coffe: replace uncaughtException handling with a more general logging system serialized to a ./data/chocolate.log


  • in
    • added Chocockup.Html as an alias to Chocokup.Panel
    • support functions in coffeescript markup attributes
  • in locco/
    • an Interface submit now has its steps function moved out review. So we have: review, steps and then action.
      • 'review' is there to prepare the interface and check if we can use it
      • 'steps' is there to execute internal actions before responding to the request
      • 'action' is there to react to the submit
    • added Interface.Web.Html as an alias to Interface.Web.Panel
  • added 'exports.debug = false # http://myserver:8081/debug?ws=myserver:8081&port=5858' in chocomake to show debug option in new projects
  • added params in server/ 'context' so params are also available in @bin.__ in a locco/interface
  • updated chokidar to v1.4.3
  • updated microtime to v2.1.1
  • updated sqlite3 to v3.1.3


  • in locco/interface: values ans steps declaration were defaulted with _.defaults, but they are functions (so no more _.defaults on them)!
  • in render attributes when an empty string is specified
  • in locco/
    • defaults in sub interfaces not handled properly
    • recursive interfaces not handled properly and reviewed infinitely
    • cleaned bin in Interface object before review'ing' it's content
  • in workflow.server: allow array arguments in request. Just have to repeat the &field=value

v0.0.13-1 - (2016-04-13)


  • Studio
  • added Login/Logoff indicator, switch and key input
  • added switch to toggle wrap mode on or off in editor
  • added Literate CoffeeScript support (use .litcoffee file type)
  • added Json file support in editor
  • added basic element creation support $('') in liteJq
  • added memory param to define node.js --max-old-space-size param
  • added named params --appdir, --port, --memory


  • __ is a Chocolate context given to every remotely called exported module function
  • __.appdir is relative path from Chocolate system directory to application directory
  • __.sysdir is relative path from application directory to Chocolate system directory
  • updated coffee-script to 1.9.1
  • server/Document.Cache: added async mode to access file and made it default mode


  • corrected -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch in Chocokup body CSS
  • static file now seen as 'app' if how query parameter isnt 'web' ; otherwise seen as 'static' even if with other params (can pass parameters to static files.)
  • correctly load CoffeeScript in chocodown.js if run server side on node.js
  • remove 'chocolate' from required url if used to load Chocolate libs from static folder
  • File::moveFile was not working correctly anymore
  • Upload service was not working anymore - name attribute was missing on iframe
  • _.super can be called in _.prototype declared constructor

v0.0.12 - (2015-03-30)



  • introduced Light theme (now by default) white-grey/blue, that you can switch back (use the up right □ symbol) to Dark original chocolate theme
  • added a dropdown selector to help you switch between opened files
  • added a up right close button to give another place to close the currently opened file
  • added a up right show invisible button to show or hide the space, tab and return chars
  • added a CTRL-U/CMD-U shortcut to insert a UUID in the code

liteJq, server/Interface and server/Workflow

  • Websocket is now supported (with with poling fallback) to allow message exchange between client and server in both size


  • Turn {{ javascript }} and {{{ coffeescript }}} blocks into script blocks
  • Turn <<< Chocokup >>> blocks into html blocks

locco/Document, locco/Workflow, locco/Interface, locco/Actor

  • lot of work done but not yet ready



  • Interface options don't need the rules keyword anymore. Just put defaults, values, locks before the action section. rules is not recognize now.


  • taking care of javascript when inserting html block - eg: $('.myClass').html()
  • added json-late format: json Chocolate format which allows to save functions, date... in json-like notation
  • added after function that allows inserting after a DOM node


  • added _.isObject: returns true if value is not a primitive
  • added _.isBasicObject: returns true if value constructor is {}.constructor
  • added _.param: transforms a javascript value to an url query parameter
  • added _.extend: copies values from an object to another object


  • the opened files panel now keeps a link to the last 10 opened files (instead of 5)

v0.0.11 - (2014-04-11)



  • _.super was working only in a simple case



  • static/lib/chocodash.js was not correctly recompiled in v0.0.10


  • Interface replaced @rules and @action by provided params in constructor instead of merging them

v0.0.10 - (2014-04-07)


Chocolate directory structure

  • moved vendor libraries from /static to /static/vendor
  • renamed /general/intentware folder to /general/locco
    You should update references to this folder if you use it in your Chocolate application
  • renamed /static/ijax folder to /static/lib
    You should rename this folder if you have one in your Chocolate application
  • renamed /static/ijax/ijax.js file to /static/lib/locco.js
    You should rename this file if you have one in your Chocolate application

Locco Interface:

  • introduce Interface service that manages security, defaults and values valid range
  • Interface.Web to easily create web app interface with Chocokup


  • added the id([value]) function to generate ids (added in coffeekup)

      button "##{id()}", i for i in [9..0]
  • can pass parameters to embedded coffeescript block

      ids = clear: id()
      body -> button "##{ids.clear}", "clear"
      coffeescript {ids}, ->
          $ -> 
              $("##{ids.clear}").on "click", -> alert "clear"
  • produced code is now not formatted (meaningfull whitespace problem).
    Should use the format parameter.

  • more isolated parameters: @__.content() instead of @content (idem for @body and @head) in kups

  • Chocokup.App to include Chocodash, litejQ, Coffeescript, Locco

  • Chocoss:

    • preparing Chocokup Css Framework
    • added Eric Meyer's Reset CSS v2.0
    • introduced Css themes: reset(default), paper, writer, coder


  • renamed Chocoflow into Chocodash
  • started to move javascript utilities into Chocodash:
    • _.type, _.Type, _.defaults, _.serialize, _.parallelize, _.stringify, _.parse
    • _.Signal, _.Observer and _.Publisher implement reactive programing services (from Reactor.js)
    • add Class-like service with _.protoype (with inherit, adopt and use)
    • _.Uuid:
      • added an interface in Uuid so that /-/general/locco/uuid displays a new Uuid


  • adds the formatChocokup option in Chocodown.converter


  • added the id helper function that will return an incremental id
  • Locco now independent from Mootools (works with litejQ or jquery)


  • in Chocodown panel, you can specify wether you want embedded Chocokup code to produce formatted HTML
  • Specolate has a better error handling
  • console.log is now copied in Studio message box


  • header and footer when not in a Chocokup Panel work as standard HTML5 tags
  • renamed internal Coffeekup 'data' variable to '__data' to avoid colisions
  • display error produced in Interface.exchangeSimple when user has sofkey privileges
  • removed Chocokup title helper. Now title works as a standard html tag
  • added Chocokup Core Css in Chocodown Lab view
  • added panel css class to Chocokup panels so it can be styled
  • removed useless div in Chocokup panels
  • Chocolate's module loader is more robust
  • server/interface forget-key renamed to forget-keys


  • updated coffee-script to 1.7.1
  • updated Ace to package March.08.2014

v0.0.9 - (2013-12-04)


  • litejQ : a lite jQuery-compatible library (9kb compressed and gziped) aimed at replacing Mootools in Chocolate and becoming its client-side scripts foundation.
  • with Chocodown
  • inline tests: open litejQ documentation (/general/docs/ and open the doccolate panel (Doc) to see the check function working
  • in Locco:
  • can call a function in a sub-object inside a module
  • params can be unnamed and numeric when calling a function inside a module
  • in Studio:
  • can change debug evaluation column width by pressing +/- buttons
  • in Newnotes:
  • create a new note by pressing Return
  • when editing, create a new note by pressing Return if cursor at the end
  • when editing, insert a newline with Ctrl + Return or Shift + Return or press only return if not at note's end
  • toggle a note by pressing Shift-Return
  • toggle note priority by pressing Ctrl-Return when not editing
  • insert a new note before a note with Alt + Return
  • split a note in two notes with Ctrl-Shift-Return when editing


  • static files can be created or deleted through studio interface in an app
  • deleting a file was copying it in!
  • can pass parameters to static files. They were seen as 'app' instead of 'static' if with params
  • don't execute debug compilation in coffeescript lab when debug panel is hidden
  • problem in debug panel with multiple empty strings ('')
  • chocokup css helper did not understand @media clause


  • updated Newnotes documentation
  • updated Ace to package 12.02.2013

v0.0.8 - (2013-10-01)


  • Basic autocomplete and snippets services introduced in editor
  • First step in ChocoDB : write and read Javascript object in database
  • Added Chocoflow: basic serialize and parallelize services
  • Added a basic profiling tool to Debugate
  • Synchronize editor view with Documentation (Docco) view
  • Changed Locco test command to the more appropriate eval


  • synchronisation problems removed in Coffeescript Lab debug panel
  • make Specolate unit tests work better client side (force module loading and clean)
  • force resize editor view when switching between horizontal and vertical side-by-side


  • updated Ace to package 07.31.2013
  • updated node-sqlite3 to 2.1.17
  • updated coffee-script to 1.6.3

v0.0.7 - (2013-07-10)


  • Newnotes: add automatic refresh on remote change
  • Chocokup: add Css support (write Css with Coffeescript syntax)
  • Chocodown: add .chocodown .cd support in Studio
  • Chocodown: add .chocodown .cd support as static file type


  • replace div with iframe for Doccolate panel in studio
  • removed a bug introduced in v0.0.6 (alert in Coffeescript debug mode)


  • add Css support for Chocokup sample in

v0.0.6 - (2013-07-01)


  • Replaced Chocokup lab by Chocodown lab (literate style web dev using Markdown)
  • Enhanced Debug Lab display : vertical scroll sync between Coffescript and Debug panels
  • Updated Help to introduce Chocodown
  • Updated ReadMe to replace Chocokup Lab with Chocodown Lab section


  • Column alignment for values fixed in Lab with Coffeescript debug mode

v0.0.5 - (2013-06-24)


  • allow binary file in Locco 'move' verb
  • now specolate specs receive system context variable in jasmine.getEnv().__
  • allow file basic upload
  • allow list and open every file type


  • replace static strings in the Lab before Debug so that = and [ dont break
  • clean code to allow all file types
  • reintroduced javascript execution in Chocokup lab (it disappeared with iframe usage)


  • updated Ace to package 06.04.2013

v0.0.4 - (2013-05-03)


  • simplified and enhanced Chocokup use in Chocodown : use ! chocokup and #! chocokup in code block to execute Chocokup or to highlight and then execute Chocokup code
  • added JSON output type in Newnotes.Present (as parameter can be: paper, impress or json). It helps export Newnotes branches.
  • added keypass parameter file to enable master key (sofkey) bypass ; enable demonstration mode when used with access restriction on files


  • enhanced monitor.config to wait for child process to exit on SIGTERM before exiting ourself so that Upstart can cleanly stop us
  • Specolate did not work serverside because jasmine-node module was missing from package.json
  • Specolate was no working with appdir module specs and with nonexistent module

v0.0.3 (2013-04-19)


  • Html support added in Studio
  • Nice interface to register/unregister access keys
  • Make Chocokup playgroud/sanbox independant in an iFrame
  • Make Git history follow files renames
  • Add file Rename/Delete services


  • make Http only Chocolate server really work!
  • make ?how=edit use file type to set correct Ace language parser
  • files could not be saved in static folder - static was only available to read file
  • locals variable can be declared in Chocokup param and not only in Chocokup.render
  • helpers variable can be declared in Chocokup to provides helpers functions or sub-templates to a main template
  • clear Coffeescript JS panel when ther is an error
  • added __ parameter documentation

v0.0.2 (2013-04-05)


  • better Bootstrap compatibility with Chocokup
  • http only webapp - use file with exports.http_only = yes
  • move port, key and cert parameters in
  • better Chocokup and General error info returned by Chocolate


  • cpu to 100% with fresh project
  • editing code in lab panel is very laggy
  • 'body' does not work in chocokup when not used in panel
  • 'static' folder missing
  • incorrect Monit sample to supervise the upstart daemon
  • update client libraries:
    • coffescript: 1.6.2
    • jasmine: 1.3.1
    • ace: build 2013-03-14
  • .js documents don't always work in editor

##v0.0.1 (2013-03-24)

Initial public release