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Latest commit 613290e May 21, 2016 @nacx nacx Allow to link contexts and views together
Some providers need other APIs or portable services to perform certain
operations. This change allows to pass existing Context and View
instances when creating a context, so they are added to the injector of
the context being built. This allows to inject external apis and
providers into an existing provider to leverage the external
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all Remove HPCloud from the aggregator poms Nov 10, 2015
allblobstore [JCLOUDS-1115] Make sure filesystem API dependency is included when u… May 21, 2016
allcompute Update pom details for ProfitBricks Feb 19, 2016
allloadbalancer Next development version 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT Mar 24, 2015
apis client credentials JWT support May 20, 2016
blobstore Avoid NPE in BaseBlobStore.copyBlob May 12, 2016
common JCLOUDS-1043: Support IAM service accounts in Google Cloud Apr 28, 2016
compute Allow to override the Image and Security extension bindings May 25, 2016
core Allow to link contexts and views together May 25, 2016
drivers Address error-prone AssertFalse warnings Apr 27, 2016
loadbalancer JCLOUDS-1101: Correct generics wildcard errors Apr 18, 2016
project Upgrade to findbugs-maven-plugin 3.0.3 Apr 27, 2016
providers JCLOUDS-1114: Adding support for "Placement.Tenancy" and "Placement.H… May 20, 2016
resources Enforce no illegal testng imports Jun 25, 2015
scriptbuilder Improve version range specification for guava Mar 16, 2016
skeletons Next development version 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT Mar 24, 2015
.dir-locals.el JCLOUDS-26. Adding .dir-locals.el for Emacs tab-width setting May 10, 2013
.gitattributes Add .gitattributes to avoid line endings issues Oct 7, 2015
.gitignore Move html responses to a subfolder for cleaner rat plugin exclude Feb 23, 2016
.mailmap Update mailmap for Oct 4, 2014 Fixed the CONTRIBUTING links Feb 5, 2015 Avoid duplicated info and just link to website Aug 7, 2014
pom.xml Next development version 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT Mar 24, 2015


Apache jclouds is an open source multi-cloud toolkit for the Java platform that gives you the freedom to create applications that are portable across clouds while giving you full control to use cloud-specific features.

For more information about using or contributing to jclouds, please visit our website at


Copyright (C) 2009-2013 The Apache Software Foundation

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

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