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Amazon EC2 Windows example

This example demonstrates how to start a Windows Server instance on Amazon EC2 and obtain its randomly-generated Administrator password. Once you have this, you can log in to the server via RDP.


After building the example with mvn assembly:assembly, you can launch it like this:

java -jar target/ec2-windows-jar-with-dependencies.jar --identity $AWS_API_KEY --credential $AWS_SECRET_KEY <optional arguments>

Replace $AWS_API_KEY and $AWS_SECRET_KEY appropriately.

The following optional arguments are recognized:

  • --region <regionname> - specify the EC2 region name to launch in
  • --instance-type <instancetype> - specify the EC2 instance type - defaults to m1.small
  • --image-pattern <pattern> - specify the pattern to select the image - this defaults to a pattern that will match the base, English, version of the current (or recent) Windows Server release.

The example will start the Windows instance, wait for the encrypted password to become available, and then decrypt it. It will display the public IP address, user name (which is always Administrator) and password - you can provide these to the Remote Desktop client and log in to the new instance.

Once the instance is started, the example will wait for you to hit Enter on the command line. After hitting Enter, the new instance will be shut down.