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(ns store.api
(:use store.s3)
(:use store.core)
(:require [clomert :as v]))
(defn obj [s]
(fn [op & args]
(let [f (s op)]
(apply f args))))
(defn mk-store [s3 & [m]]
(let [m (or m identity)]
(obj {:put (fn [b v k]
(try-default nil put-clj s3 (m b) (str k) v))
:keys (fn [b]
(try-default nil
get-keys s3 (m b)))
:get (fn [b k]
(try-default nil
get-clj s3 (m b) (str k)))
:update (fn [b k]
(try-default nil
append-clj s3 (m b) (str k)))
:delete (fn [b k]
(try-default nil
delete-object s3 (m b) (str k)))
:exists? (fn [b k]
(some #(= k (.getKey %))
(try-default nil
(comp seq objects)
s3 (m b) (str k)))
(defn mk-store-cache [config]
(let [factory (v/make-socket-store-client-factory
(v/make-client-config config))
m (java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap.)]
(fn [client]
(if-let [c (get m client)]
(let [c (v/make-store-client factory client)]
(.put m client c)
(defn mk-vstore
(obj {:put (fn [bucket k v]
(stores (str bucket))
(:put k v)))
:get (fn [bucket k]
(v/versioned-value (v/do-store
(stores (str bucket))
(:get k))))
:update (fn [bucket k v]
(stores (str bucket))
(fn [client]
(let [ver (v/store-get client k)
val (v/versioned-value ver)]
(v/store-conditional-put client
(v/versioned-set-value! ver (append
:delete (fn [bucket k]
(stores (str bucket))
(:delete k)))}))
;;TODO: :exists? :keys
;;(mk-vstore (mk-store-cache {:bootstrap-urls "tcp://localhost:6666"}))
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