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merging s3 and Voldemort apis.

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1 parent bd3e0e8 commit 888de9d612a68b62a887373c7ded96fd19e86f66 @bradford bradford committed Oct 21, 2010
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  1. +25 −40 src/store/api.clj
@@ -3,52 +3,37 @@
(:use store.core)
(:require [clomert :as v]))
-;;TODO: can get rid of all these and ust partially apply try-default in the data-domain fn below.
-;;wait until generalizing with Vold.
-(defn put* [bucket s3 v k]
-(try-default nil
- put-clj s3 bucket (str k) v))
-(defn get* [bucket s3 k]
- (try-default nil
- get-clj s3 bucket (str k)))
-(defn keys* [bucket s3]
- (try-default nil
- get-keys s3 bucket))
-(defn update* [bucket s3 k]
- (try-default nil
- append-clj s3 bucket (str k)))
-(defn delete* [bucket s3 k]
- (try-default nil
- delete-object s3 bucket (str k)))
-(defn exists?* [bucket s3 k]
- (or
- (some #(= k (.getKey %))
- (try-default nil
- (comp seq objects)
- s3 bucket (str k)))
- false))
-;;TODO: when feeling frisky, extract this to some simple syntactic sugar for these object-like closures over state and magic for calling fns that use their closed over state.
(defn obj [s]
(fn [op & args]
(let [f (s op)]
(apply f args))))
(defn mk-store [s3 & m]
(let [m (or m identity)]
- (obj {:put (fn [b v k] (put* (m b) s3 v k))
- :keys (fn [b] (keys* (m b) s3))
- :get (fn [b k] (get* (m b) s3 k))
- :update (fn [b k] (update* (m b) s3 k))
- :delete (fn [b k] (delete* (m b) s3 k))
- :exists? (fn [b k] (exists?* (m b) s3 k))})))
+ (obj {:put (fn [b v k]
+ (try-default nil put-clj s3 (m b) (str k) v))
+ :keys (fn [b]
+ (try-default nil
+ get-keys s3 (m b)))
+ :get (fn [b k]
+ (try-default nil
+ get-clj s3 (m b) (str k)))
+ :update (fn [b k]
+ (try-default nil
+ append-clj s3 (m b) (str k)))
+ :delete (fn [b k]
+ (try-default nil
+ delete-object s3 (m b) (str k)))
+ :exists? (fn [b k]
+ (or
+ (some #(= k (.getKey %))
+ (try-default nil
+ (comp seq objects)
+ s3 (m b) (str k)))
+ false))})))
-;;TODO: can't compose in this way becasue macro evaluates the map at macroexpand time. change in clomert.
(defn mk-store-cache [config]
(let [factory (v/make-socket-store-client-factory
(v/make-client-config config))
@@ -79,8 +64,8 @@
(v/store-conditional-put client
(v/versioned-set-value! ver (append
- v
- val)))))))
+ [v
+ val])))))))
:delete (fn [bucket k]
(stores (str bucket))

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