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Role Based Access Control

This example demonstrates how to authorize an ingress controller on a cluster with role based access control.


This example applies to ingress controllers being deployed in an environment with RBAC enabled.

Service Account created in this example

One ServiceAccount is created in this example, ingress-controller. See Using cert based authentication below if using client cert authentication.

Permissions Granted in this example

There are two sets of permissions defined in this example. Cluster-wide permissions defined by a ClusterRole and namespace specific permissions defined by a Role, both named ingress-controller.

Cluster Permissions

These permissions are granted in order for the ingress-controller to be able to function as an ingress across the cluster. These permissions are granted to the ClusterRole:

  • configmaps, endpoints, nodes, pods, secrets: list, watch
  • nodes: get
  • services, ingresses: get, list, watch
  • events: create, patch
  • ingresses/status: update

Namespace Permissions

These permissions are granted specific to the ingress-controller namespace. The Role permissions are:

  • configmaps, pods, secrets: get
  • endpoints: create, get, update

Furthermore to support leader-election, the ingress controller needs to have access to a configmap in the ingress-controller namespace:

  • configmaps: get, update, create

Namespace created in this example

The Namespace named ingress-controller is defined in this example. The namespace name can be changed arbitrarily as long as all of the references change as well.


  1. Create the Namespace, Service Account, ClusterRole, Role, ClusterRoleBinding, and RoleBinding:
$ kubectl create -f ingress-controller-rbac.yml
  1. Deploy the ingress controller. The deployment should be configured to use the ingress-controller service account name if not using kubeconfig and client cert based authentication. Add the serviceAccountName to the pod template spec:
      serviceAccountName: ingress-controller

Using cert based authentication

A client certificate based authentication can also be used with the following changes:

  1. No need to add the serviceAccountName to the pod template spec.
  2. Sign a client certificate using ingress-controller as it's common name.
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